It’s all pretty sad and Freudian: Another Star Wars newbie takes on the original trilogy

incest-smoochesThe Guardian’s Tim Jonze takes on the Star Wars by someone who’s never seen it challenge, but alas, the video is better. Still, it’s a slow news day and all, so…

Their heroic captain is called Luke Skywalker and he is joined by their man-shaped pet Chewbacca, a 2ft robot, and Princess Leah; since she’s the only girl, Luke would quite like to get it on with her. I hope it’s not his sister.

He does watch it afterward, though, and realizes how wrong he was.

Your random Star Wars TV reference of the week

On Thursday’s 30 Rock, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) dressed up as Princess Leia, put on a wacky accent, and claimed to be able to “read thoughts,” all to get out of jury duty.

You can see a brief clip at Gawker, and the full episode at Hulu.

I’m pretty sure it’s a hell of a lot easier than that – when I was called a few years back, they dismissed a guy in his early 20’s for basically wearing his nametag upside down. Or maybe it was the Young Jedi Knights book he was reading. Whatever – I ended up having to put in six days on that jury. Sigh.

The hell? EU reference on Grey’s Anatomy

The season finale of a hit network medical drama/soap opera is probably the last place one would expect an Expanded Universe reference, but last night on Grey’s Anatomy, it seems Dr. Bailey (the only character on the show I have never wanted to smack upside the head) came through with this:

“Han Solo is not a loser. Han Solo got encased in carbonite and that was a big mess, but that’s not what he’s remembered for. He’s remembered as the guy who made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, and who braved the sub-zero temperatures of the ice planet Hoth in order to save someone he cared about from the big ugly wampa. He’s remembered as the guy who swooped down at the last minute, blasted Darth Vader out of the sky, so that Luke could use the Force and, and destroy the damn Death Star. Okay? Princess Leia saved him from the carbonite, and they fell in love, and they saved the universe, and had twin Jedi babies that went on to save the universe again.”

UPDATE: That’s the real quote. Grey’s Anatomy screenwriters, we salute you. (And big thanks to Horsey as well!)

The finale (‘Freedom’) reruns Friday night on ABC, or you can watch it online. The scene starts at 27:25 in the first part of the two-parter.

UPDATE 2: You want video? io9 has video.