The week in Star Wars and SDCC… So far

The One-Armed Wampa and Death StarObligatory adorableness. A variety of artists transformed blank Mighty Muggs into custom Star Wars figures (including at least two Georges and I think a Steve Sansweet) for The Empire Muggs Back project. The results will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con and auctioned off to raise funds for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. We should get a closer look soon, but for now my favorites are at right.

The lineup. has a list of Star Wars folks appearing at the official and licensee booths.

Begin your planning. The official Comic-Con schedule is up! If you a search on ‘Star Wars’ you’ll see some additional events that may be of interest… Or not.

3 thoughts on “The week in Star Wars and SDCC… So far

  1. JadesFire55

    I didn’t like Mighty Muggs at first, but their brand of cuteness has been growing on me. The Death Star one is great, and I also like the Bith and the Tusken.


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