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George Lucas and Mellody Hobson got married this weekend at Skywalker Ranch

George and MellodyDespite earlier reports that the wedding may happen on the 29th in Chicago, George Lucas and Mellody Hobson got married this weekend at Skywalker Ranch.

The Huffington Post has our first look at the happy couple and details from the ceremony. Lucas’ son Jett served as best man, while daughters Katie and Amanda were bridesmaids. The service was conducted by journalist Bill Moyers, who worked with Lucas on the acclaimed PBS documentary series Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth.

“Let’s give a Galactic shout out to Master George Lucas & his Bride,” Samuel L. Jackson tweeted on Saturday.

The “wedding was joy to behold,” Ron Howard tweeted Sunday.

Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and Senator Bill Bradley (who gave away the bride) were also among the attendees. Musicians Van Morrison and Janelle Monae performed.

Lucas and Hobson, who have been together for several years, announced their engagement in January.

George Lucas: Abrams gets Star Wars

At a recent event, George Lucas told Access Hollywood that J.J. Abrams “understands” Star Wars and “how it works.” And if not… Kathleen Kennedy will “keep it straight.” He also addressed his own role in this as being more or less on call, and the inevitable critics:

“No matter how you do it, it’s a complicated cultural icon. Therefore you’re always going to be in trouble no matter what you do,” he said. “So, the best thing you can do is just plow forward and try to do the best story you can.”

Princess Leah has passed away

A special person to the Star Wars fan community has passed away.

Leah Esquanazi, better known as Princess Leah, suffered from a mitochondrial disease that caused her to have breathing difficulties and a related disorder that caused blindness. Her parents are big Star Wars fans and are very involved in fandom. When word went out that Leah was ill, the fans rallied to get funds together several times through collections and auctions so that her parents could cover their extensive time away from work and, eventually, the high costs associated with her care.

Even though she struggled with many health problems, her parents tried to give her an active life full of adventures that they chronicled on their blog and Facebook page.

Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for any planned tributes.

Roundup: Kathleen Kennedy, Al Pacino, and DAK!

Kathleen KennedyProfiled. USA Today interviews Kathleen Kennedy about her career, Lucasfilm, and women in film.

Imagine this? Al Pacino told a London audience that he turned down the role of Han Solo in Star Wars, the BBC reports. “That role was mine for the taking but I couldn’t understand the script,” he said. He also turned down Die Hard and Pretty Woman.

Dak! Our pal John Morton has been blogging for! He even profiled a few CJers!

Neat stuff. The next Star Wars mega-LEGO is an almost 2,000-piece Ewok Village. It’ll set you back $249.

Kathleen Kennedy attending Celebration Europe

Kathleen KennedyThe president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, will be heading to Germany for her first Celebration in July, Reed revealed today.

“When I joined Lucasfilm, I immediately saw the true passion shared by Star Wars fans around the world,” Kennedy says. “I’m thrilled to attend my first Star Wars Celebration and see in person that energy that makes the Star Wars experience so special.”

Kennedy is executive producing Episode VII, so there’s a chance we might actually get some movie information…