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Rancho Obi-Wan’s first book to highlight fan art and artifacts

Rancho Obi-Wan: Inspired by the Force: Star Wars Fan Artifacts & ArtSteve Sansweet’s Rancho Obi-Wan will highlight fan contributions to Star Wars fandom in their first book, Inspired by the Force: Star Wars Fan Artifacts & Art, which will debut at Celebration Anaheim in April. It’s intended to act as “an exhibit guide,” so the Rancho Celebration exhibit will also be fan-heavy this time:

The Rancho Obi-Wan Experience exhibit will feature fan objects and art starting in the late 1970s through today, from an airbrushed van tire cover and hand-tooled leather backgammon board to a Chewbacca tissue box cover and bird house, from amazing art mash-ups based on a print by Goya and a painting by Picasso to bizarre limited edition figurines made by urban artists.

The Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit at Celebration VI featured several fan creations – including one by a Jader – but this will no doubt be an even greater variety. I just hope they have more floor space this time!

In any case, the book will be $25 and pre-orders for pickup at the con will begin in March.

The Force Awakens trailer aftermath: Did Andy Serkis confirm he narrated? Is the new droid a girl?

Another fabulous piece by Phil Noto.

Another fabulous piece by Phil Noto.

→ Did Andy Serkis confirm he is indeed the voice in the trailer? “You might garner something is you listen to the trailer,” he told BBC World Service Radio. (Go to the 2:15 mark. )

→ It’s been noted that the ball droid may draw inspiration from some early Ralph McQuarrie ideas for R2-D2, though the concepts we’ve seen are far more vertical. The droid also might be a girl, which is something we also heard from the early (and still possibly spoilery) Making Star Wars report. Jalopnik has a nice in-depth look at the little gal, noting a possible connection to Eve of WALL-E.

→ In addition to a lot of great fan art (which I’ve mostly been featuring on our Tumblr, with more coming up tomorrow) there are already action figure customs. A.W. Quinn created Daisy Ridley and ball-droid figures, plus her speeder bike.

→ The broadsaber has been a… popular object of discussion, and The Washington Post even talked to a master bladesmith about it, but hey: If there wasn’t something ridiculous, it wouldn’t be Star Wars. (And yes, the Expanded Universe did do it first. I can’t wait for the concept art book to explain why they went the way they did.)

→ Unsurprisingly, the teaser is reinvigorating wary old fans all over the place.

→ But what is it missing?

→ For you military history folks, a comparison of real-life weapon tech and Star Wars in 1977 and 2015.