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The Force Awakens trailer aftermath: Did Andy Serkis confirm he narrated? Is the new droid a girl?

Another fabulous piece by Phil Noto.

Another fabulous piece by Phil Noto.

→ Did Andy Serkis confirm he is indeed the voice in the trailer? “You might garner something is you listen to the trailer,” he told BBC World Service Radio. (Go to the 2:15 mark. )

→ It’s been noted that the ball droid may draw inspiration from some early Ralph McQuarrie ideas for R2-D2, though the concepts we’ve seen are far more vertical. The droid also might be a girl, which is something we also heard from the early (and still possibly spoilery) Making Star Wars report. Jalopnik has a nice in-depth look at the little gal, noting a possible connection to Eve of WALL-E.

→ In addition to a lot of great fan art (which I’ve mostly been featuring on our Tumblr, with more coming up tomorrow) there are already action figure customs. A.W. Quinn created Daisy Ridley and ball-droid figures, plus her speeder bike.

→ The broadsaber has been a… popular object of discussion, and The Washington Post even talked to a master bladesmith about it, but hey: If there wasn’t something ridiculous, it wouldn’t be Star Wars. (And yes, the Expanded Universe did do it first. I can’t wait for the concept art book to explain why they went the way they did.)

→ Unsurprisingly, the teaser is reinvigorating wary old fans all over the place.

→ But what is it missing?

→ For you military history folks, a comparison of real-life weapon tech and Star Wars in 1977 and 2015.

#StarWars Tweets Special Edition: #TheForceAwakens teaser trailer (Part 1)

@starwars: Yes, that’s new John Williams score in #TheForceAwakens teaser.

Well, that was a day, wasn’t it? I love you all, and thus I have tread through all the erection jokes and true fan bullshit and hashtag spammers (we trended!) to give you the best tweets about yesterday’s The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Big congrats also go to @starwars, who made it past the 1 million follower mark today!

UPDATE: Now with Part 2!

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Forum poster guessed ‘The Force Awakens’ title back in 2012

tfa-tfn-guessTheForce.Net tracked down forum member Queen Gimmedala, who guessed the Episode VII title way back in 2012. She told Eric Geller:

Ultimately this was a random guess. No inside info or connection to Lucas. But to me it seemed logical that the first movie in this trilogy would need to address the force. I’m a believer that the movie titles in each trilogy closely relate and I suspect this will carry over for the ST.

So I knew it was going to be 3 words, and the force. I also know that the wording would be vague/ambiguous/old fashioned like all the other six movie titles.

The Phantom Menace (something is wrong with the force), A New Hope (something is helping) and The Force Awakens (It’s BACK BABY). I LOVE IT.

Pretty neat! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fan predate an episode title, although under vastly different circumstances: The title Revenge of the Sith was used on a 1986 fan fiction novel, a story set some 40 years after Return of the Jedi.

A look at the movement to ‘save’ the Expanded Universe

anakin_chokeEric Geller at posted a lengthy piece today looking at the ‘movement’ to ‘save’ the Expanded Universe.

It’s pretty ugly, this movement, so much so that even someone with a cast-iron case of trainwreck syndrome (hi) will want to look away. Yes, Eric quotes me, but I haven’t made a study of these people: What I’ve already run across in my regular travels on Facebook and Tumblr is more than enough. I love getting silly and (yes) occasionally childish with fandom (ahem, Tumblr) but the hatred and negativity of all this is just above and beyond. And I cut my fandom teeth flaming Star Wars authors for ‘bad’ books. I used to read Fandom Wank regularly, for fun. I moderated message boards during the prequel era. I can handle more than your standard amount of fannish negativity.

There’s nothing wrong with being sad, or even a little angry, about the Legends announcement. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that timeline to continue. But there is something wrong with letting things get quite this toxic over a bunch of novels, no matter how beloved they may be. It poisons the well.

I hope these folks are channeling something like the snotty, flaming 17-year-old I was once, and they’ll grow up and move on, with or without Star Wars. There’s little doubt in my mind that this will die down, regardless. But it’s beyond sad to see EU fandom, even if it’s just the fringes, reduced to such a sad state. We’re better than this. I hope.