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Her Universe and Hot Topic launch a new Star Wars collection

Her Universe and Hot Topic launched a new Star Wars collection today! Several of the designs are available now, with more coming next month. And, Ashley Eckstein tells The Daily Dot, there’s another in development.

The items are avaliable in extended sizes, and Hot Topic’s sister shop Torrid will carry some items as well, including a lightsaber dress based on the skirt introduced earlier this year.

Ashley is also encouraging fans to share with the hashtag #MyStarWarsStory:

Not everything from the line is for sale at the moment, but what is can be found online at Hot Topic.

First (non-action figure) look at The Force Awakens’ Constable Zuvio

zuvioWith Entertainment Weekly out of the way, now it’s Empire’s turn for an ‘exclusive:’ The reveal of Constable Zuvio. We’ve seen him in action figure form, but now we learn:

[He’s] a “vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world” who “keeps order in a frontier trading post”. He’s also apparently “tough and humorless”.

That’s a pretty wacky color scheme for a dude who doesn’t have a sense of humor, no? (It’s very ’80s-trying-to-be-’40s diner.) Although it’s nice to see that Jakku won’t be a total wall of neutral colors.

Roundup: The broadsaber is venting, and other things we learned about The Force Awakens this week


Between Wired’s J.J. Abrams interview, Entertainment Weekly and all those TV spots, we seem to have officially entered the “faster, more intense” phrase of The Force Awakens marketing. (No, you haven’t seen too much, calm down.) Here’s some stuff that got sidelined:

dland-broadsaber→ Settle your bets: The crossguard blades on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber “are raw power vented from the primary central blade,” per the description on display at Disneyland’s Star Wars Launch Bay. (IGN has a tour.) We already knew he built it himself, but the design is “ancient.” (via Reddit)

→ Speaking of Kylo, we haven’t seen much of Adam Driver lately, but he did tell Vulture that he found SDCC to be “intense” and “surprisingly moving.”

→ The Force Awakens is skipping some early award shows, says The Wrap, but the only one here you may have heard of is the Screen Actors Guild Awards. It will be out in time for consideration for the Academy Awards.

Variety says there was indeed new music from The Force Awakens in the Shondaland spot.

→ The cover for The Force Awakens novelization has been spotted on the Random House catalog (by Roqoo Depot first, I believe) and it’s… The poster. ‘Kay.

And in other movies…

→ Could Episode VIII return to Ireland? We know they’ve already shot on Skellig Michael, RTE thinks they’re looking at another location in County Kerry as well.

Jedi News claims to have the codename for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s Han Solo spinoff.

Roundup: The Force Awakens’ running time and everything else we learned from EW’s big feature


My issue of Entertainment Weekly finally arrived, and I’m happy to report that we’ve already learned pretty much everything that’s in it regarding The Force Awakens from them online, save one: The final edit is locked, and it’s going to be two hours and 15 minutes long.

If you need to catch up, here’s our coverage of what EW’s put out this week:

→ Most everything from the main article gotten broken out, but Anthony Breznican’s interviews with Harrison Ford about Han and with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega get their own spreads in the magazine.

→ Don’t call her Princess: Leia Organa has a new title. And of course, there’s the inevitable talk of Luke Skywalker and why he’s been laying low in the publicity materials.

Rey on Jakku→ Perhaps the greatest wealth of The Force Awakens info can be found in the photo gallery. More on Rey’s speeder, jackets, Adam Driver’s lustrous hair, ladies in armor, First Order indoctrination, Bobbajo and more.

→ We learn the most about Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata since the character’s name was revealed way back in the spring.

Starkiller Base and General Hux get the spotlight – and it’s confirmed that Starkiller is indeed what we saw on the poster.

→ The big BB-8 gender question.

→ And, too late for press time I suspect, an interview with Anthony Daniels.

EW may be short on Kylo Ren, but remember he was the focus of EW’s last TFA cover story back in August… And we still have just over a month to go until the movie.