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The week in Star Wars: Slow fuse burning

Mark steals a golf cart #beardwatchWe wait (and wait and wait) for so many things: Celebration, more Rogue One stuff, more Aftermath… Here’s what we did learn this week:

→ Filming for Episode VIII ends on July 22, per golfcart-stealer Mark Hamill. Yet there’s already a distinct last-week-of-school feel to a a delightful array of social media posts from Rian Johnson and the cast.

→ With the release of Aftermath: Life Debt nearing, we got a cover for Empire’s End as well as a new excerpt. Plus official art of breakout character Mr. Bones.

The livestream is back for Celebration Europe. I’m sad I’m not going, but also happy that I’ll be able to blog the happenings in a timely fashion. So who is going? James!

→ Our Tumblr themes this week were pets, the Millennium Falcon, Legends, Leia and Finn. Get all that and the news right on your dash by following us! (Or you can always amuse/annoy me with random asks.)

→ FLASHBACK POST: James’ guide on how to photograph fans in costume is evergreen and essential.

Etc. Because there is only so much time in a week, here’s some of the stuff we didn’t get to. FRESH(ISH) CONTENT FOR YOU!

Janine K. Spendlove→ On, James interviewed Jader Janine K. Spendlove about her short story ‘Inbrief,’ which first appeared in the Star Wars Insider and is now available in the Battlefront: Twilight Company, paperback.

→ Here are all the places you can get in your preliminary votes the new Hasbro Fan Choice, or I guess we’re calling it the Star Wars Fan Figure Vote now. All I know is that last year covering this was exhausting, so this time I’m not going to bother with it until it’s time for the final vote.

→ Kevin J. Anderson’s Darksaber is an awful, awful book and yet also directly responsible for me meeting and bonding (saltily) with many other Club Jaders, as it was the hot new release way back in the dark ages when I first got online. I bring this up because Katharine Trendacosta reread it and then wrote about it for io9. Katharine, you are SO BRAVE. I salute you.

Episode VIII set shenanigans (with Instagram and Twitter)

A tweet roundup is due, but as things wind down, there’s just been so much out there on Instagram and tweet from the Episode VIII cast and crew that they’re breaking out on their own.

Daisy Ridley shared an already infamous face swap with director Rian Johnson, as well as teasing a new hairstyle. (Join me in hoping it’s not a padawan braid, please.) Johnson himself is sharing (recognizable, mostly) images of the Millennium Falcon. Also spotted: One Pablo Hidalgo, who punned.

Finishing up – or at least admitting to it – are John Boyega and Anthony Daniels.

Perhaps we were too quick to assume that Mark Hamill had lost the beard, though he does seem to be pulling double duty. (UPDATE: He’s now wrapped as well.)

And finally, your moment of zen: Gary Fisher with “his two favorite stalkers.” A weird thing happens when you start to see enough of those emoji: They start making sense. Maybe one day I’ll wake up being able to read Aurebesh after all.

Celebration Europe will be livestreamed!


We learned today that next weekend’s Celebration Europe will indeed be streamed live. Great news for those of us playing along at home! (Yes, I will be blogging. From home. Go figure.) The news was revealed on today’s Star Wars Show:

Also, on the show, the cover for Aftermath: Empire’s End.

Episode VIII hints and clues: Beardwatch, photos and rumors

viii-mh-beardlessThe film may wrap on the 22, but is Mark Hamill already done? Here’s hiding his face in a recent photo, but if you look closely the beard appears to be gone. In any case: Beardwatch.

→ Director Rian Johnson’s Instagram remains vague to the point where he’s even posting actual garbage. (And more lights.) That set pic Daisy Ridley posted the other day is – as impliedone of his as well.

→ Rumor corner: What Making Star Wars is reporting regarding one of those location shoots, and how it relates to some concept art.

→ In less revealing sequel-related news, J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy are playable characters in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, while Oscar Isaac and John Boyega are among the record number of new people invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year.

New Rogue One trailer coming to TV on the 15th


A new Rogue One trailer will air in prime time on ABC a few hours after it (presumably) debuts at at Celebration Europe. The main Rogue One panel is at 16:00 BST in London, which is 11 a.m. EDT/8 a.m. PDT. The trailer will air during an ABC showing of Secrets of the Force Awakens (aka the Blu-ray documentary,) at 8:00 p.m. PDT/EDT as discovered by Making Star Wars.

The listing promises a “3 minute trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story;” film’s previous trailer is only two minutes long.

Mark Hamill reveals when Episode VIII wraps filming

viiiEpisode VIII will wrap filming on Friday, July 22, Mark Hamill revealed Saturday morning on Twitter. That’s only five days after Celebration Europe ends on the 17th, which is when director Rian Johnson appears on the Future Filmmakers panel.

We’ve been hoping we’ll get VIII’s title at the panel. @StarWars revealed The Force Awakens when that film finished principal photography – but Episode VI wasn’t finishing up around the time of the year’s big dedicated convention, either.

This does, however, likely mean that several cast members will still be in town. Of the VIII cast, only Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew are confirmed guests for the con, but that’s never stopped Celebration – or any other major con – from bringing out folks before.

The week in Star Wars: Hurry up and wait (for Celebration)

Space BearThis week was a great deal quieter than the last, likely because we’re barreling towards Celebration Europe, which begins on the 15th. We got two panel announcements for the con, the ‘Future Filmmakers’ with directors Rian Johnson, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, and ‘Ahsoka’s Untold Tales’ with Dave Filoni and Ashley Eckstein. (Pablo is moderating both, of course. Because Pablo.)

#PutDrewinStarWars is gaining steam! Nearly 8000 signatures as of Friday evening!

→ Of course Star Wars’ biggest secret keeper, aka Mark Hamill, isn’t running around spoiling Episode VIII.

→ Unboxing Star Wars is now Star Wars Story Talk!

→ Our themes on Tumblr were The Force Awakens, behind the scenes, and the Skywalkers.

What we didn’t get to

→ Samuel L. Jackson thinks Mace Windu survived Revenge of the Sith, and George Lucas is okay with it, apparently.

→ DK’s Star Wars Year By Year and Star Wars: Complete Locations are getting updated versions this fall.

→ Hasbro reveals two new 6-inch convention figures at Entertainment Weekly: A helmetless Kylo Ren (with melted Vader helmet) for Celebratiopn Europe, and A New Hope Obi-Wan Kenobi (with hologram Leia) for San Diego Comic-Con.