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The Club Jade blog is ten years old today

Well, the blog is ten years old todayish. At least, the oldest post that’s still up is dated June 21, 2004, so that’s going to have to be good enough.

It’s not a good post, but hey. Not much that’s in June 2004 is all that great, because I’ve learned a thing or two over those ten years. Like how to write proper headlines! And posts with more than two sentences in them! (I took to Twitter so well because ‘quip’ is my most natural length, I think.)

I should note that Club Jade itself, which formed off RASS in 1995, will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year. And we’ve had a website almost that long – I know I remember discovering it before I was a part of the group, in 1996. (Back when our fanfic was the hot thing.)

One of our founders, JeffP, handed the regular duties of running the site off to me about 1998, not long after I shut down my first site. Sometime around 2002 or 2003 I started thinking about adding a blog to it.

It was basically meant to be a quick way to keep other Jaders up to date. It ended up… This. I never thought it would get much traction beyond a handful of people, any more than I thought we’d be seeing more movies after 2005. We may not be the biggest fan site, we will almost certainly never have a podcast, we might not even survive the sequel trilogy, as so many ’90s fansites broke against the bows of the prequels. But for now, it’s still fun for me. I love doing the breaking news, as relentless as the rumor mill may be at times. I love the chaos and uncertainty of this era so far.

So, I want to say thanks to Club Jade, for letting me run this thing under our name, and all our readers for being generally awesome, and the other sites that link us and basically blah blah sincerity cakes.

And to wrap things up, here’s a look at a few older versions of the site, courtesy the Wayback Machine.

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Sitting out April Fools

Last year we put Star Wars in the Disney Vault, in 2012 we shared some Celebration VI programming, 2011 brought Ewok recipes, 2010 was the Jar Jar mysteries and in 2009 we debuted a Laurel K. Hamilton Star Wars book.

This year? We got nothing.


The ghost of April Fools past

The ghost of April Fools past

After doing this for all these years, I can’t help but feel like we’ve come to the end of the line with April Fools’ Day, at least for the moment. It’s not that I hate the pranks, it’s just that in the current situation of Star Wars and fandom, with this lull of news and rampant uncertainty, when we get ridiculous rumors on the regular, it would be more cruel than ever to come up with something fake regarding the Expanded Universe or Episode VII.

The best pranks are just a tiny bit believable (though I’m still shocked that anyone took that LKH one seriously) and fandom is in such a flux state right now that pretty much anything we came up with is likely to be believed – I’ve seen people do it with our previous pranks, no matter how ridiculously obvious they may be.

And yeah, there’s still plenty we could do, things in the vein of the Ewok recipes, other fandoms, rededicate ourselves as Club Fett etc. – but the sad truth is this has been kind of a shitty year thus far, and we’re just not feeling up to it.

I can’t say we’ll never do an April Fools prank again – the way these things go, I’ll have a great idea for one next week – but this year? No foolin’. Sorry.

I’ll be back later with a roundup from the rest of the fandom, but so far things seem pretty restrained. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.


Our Tumblr has passed 1000 followers! Okay, it’s not breaking news, and that isn’t even considered a particularly big following for Tumblr, but it’s a milestone nonetheless. (Today’s theme: Obi-Wan and Anakin. Yesterday’s was just Obi-Wan.)

Sorry about the mess

han-fixing2You may not have noticed, but we’ve been having some WordPress issues over the last few days that have caused vanishing posts and comments. The good news: We’re working on fixing it, and taking it slow to make sure things are done properly.

For the time being, I’ve been posting Star Wars news and links to Tumblr (see the news tag) and Twitter.

You’ll notice some other site changes as well, like the new template. All just a part of the troubleshooting process!

However, you’ll note we’re missing a good chunk of posts from January, February and March. (Considering we have nearly ten years of posts, two months worth isn’t really that bad.) I do have copies, and those posts will be restored once I’m sure the database is sound. The bad news? Those of you who follow us via the RSS feeds (Feedly, Livejournal, etc.) will likely be seeing duplicates of those post appear at some point soon, and some links may be broken in the process.

In any case, thank you for your patience.

Jadecon is on, we’re busy

James, Paula and I are all in Columbus at Origins for Club Jade’s annual JadeCon gathering, and blogging will be spotty for the rest of the week. Or at least until my laptop power cord arrives. (D’oh!) There will be tweeting, but that’s about it unless something absolutely earth-shattering comes down the pipe. (Did I just guarantee that something absolutely earth-shattering will break? If so, you’re welcome.) We’ll catch up on Monday. Mondayish.

A new FAQ, and the skinny on our comment policy

Obi-wan MartiniIf you’ll excuse a bit of a housekeeping post this morning, I just want to point out that we have a new site FAQ. Some of the content is from our old, desperately outdated FAQ, but for the most part it’s brand new and completely revised.

It explains our policy on Episode VII rumors, where we get book release dates, that whole pineapple thing, and perhaps most relevantly, our comment policy.

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Congratulations to Dunc – Her Universe Fangirl of the Day!

Year of the fangirlSince we know that this embarrasses her beyond belief, I’m going to jump on here to say congratulations to Club Jade’s own Dunc for being selected as a Her Universe Fangirl of the Day!

My favorite part of the write-up:

What is her favorite quote or personal motto?

“In space, no one can hear you LOL.”

Club Jade knows who has made this site great, and that’s Dunc. Thanks for all you do setting the example for how women can navigate fandom with fun and class (and snark).

Don’t forget to check out the other Fangirls: Grace, a Star Wars and Doctor Who fan and blogger, who is one of the founders of the Lakehouse Forums, was the first Fangirl of the Day.

And leading into the Fangirl of the Day posts have been some introductions of the contributing team: Lillian Skye, Erin Kelahan, Victoria Schmidt, Amy Ratcliffe, and Tricia Barr.

Grace and Lillian might be familiar faces to Her Universe fans on our blog, since they were in the HU fan photoshoot at Celebration last year. Keep watching the Fangirl of the Day blog for more stories from the fandom community!

Club Jade’s stats were growing throughout 2012


With things being so busy lately, I admit I’ve been dragging my feet on doing this post. However, the news is good. No, we didn’t have any overwhelming Vin Diesel incidents, but the numbers came out comparable to 2011 – 459,317 pageviews and 299,400 visits. It’s slightly less, but if you discount the extra boost that Vin’s Redditing gave us, it still shows real growth. Our daily average is 1258 pageviews and 820 visits a day.

Our biggest day was October 31, the day after the Disney sale was announced, with 3961 pageviews and 2232 visits.

Below the cut are our most-visited posts, our biggest referrals, and the top commenters of 2012.

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