Yes, we know what day it is

No, random people on the internet, we’re not impressed by your pun. Still, we expect there to be plenty of actual Star Wars news today. Gird yourselves, true believers.

For now, let’s have a GIF party in the comments! They don’t have to be Star Wars, just don’t go spoiling The Avengers for anyone! Nothing wider than 500px, please! Alas, we had to cancel the GIF party. Details (and some GIFs) in the comments.

16 Replies to “Yes, we know what day it is”

  1. I did promise robe drop.

    First discounts sighted: The Blu-Rays are on sale at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble wants your business as well. (If I got that email because I have actually bought Star Wars stuff there, well, bravo B&N. No, it’s not going make me buy anything today, but if you’re going to email me, at least do it w/ stuff I’ve shown an interest in, instead of random ‘bestsellers’ I AM NEVER GOING TO READ.)

    Oh, has more.

  2. Personally I find that May the Fourth pun completely embarrassing. Just like those horrible non-Geek articles about it that are popping up everywhere. People, there is only one Star Wars day: May 25th. May 4th is just pathetic merchandise sales day…
    (On a lighter and somewhat related note: Thank you, Her Universe, for expanding to the world at large! Very glad to hear it! :-))

  3. I guess I need to explain how to do this.

    First, you find an image. DO. NOT. LINK. IT. YET. (That’s hotlinking. It’s very rude.) Upload it to, let’s say, Imgur.

    Then use this code, replace the url with the ‘direct link’ Imgur gives you, (DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE THE HEIGHT AND WIDTH NUMBERS – when you open the image alone, you should get that in your browser header, or you can just remove those bits entirely) and put it in a comment.


  4. Alas… We’re going to have to cancel the GIF party. WordPress doesn’t allow users to use code unless they’re registered admins, and it’s not something they’ll allow me to change.

    I am disappoint, WordPress.

  5. I honestly enjoy “May the 4th”. It’s not the true SW day but I think it’s a fun little turn of phrase.

    All the hoopla and everything else that’s been built up around it? Well, sales are nice, but I’ll keep my little wordplay enjoyment over here to myself, thanks.

  6. Glad I’m not the only one who likes it. I know it’s silly, but it’s a fun little thing to say and it gives me amusement.

  7. All I can say is… OMG ROBIN SPARKLES!!!

    Yeah, I used to get annoyed, but now I just let my non-fan friends and family pretend they’re cool for a day while I count down to the anniversary.

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