Movie news: Sequels, reboots, steampunk, Michael Bay and other things you’re probably sick of

Pretend I photoshopped something POTCy into this.Pirates 4 to go steampunk? Disney gave Johnny Depp a (anti?) hero’s welcome at D23 last week and announced the film’s name – On Stranger Tides – but the most interesting thing I’ve heard in connection with the movie is a rumor that the villian may be cribbing from Captain Nemo. On the one hand that could be kind of cool. On the other hand… It’s Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Not sick of steampunk yet? If there’s any truth to this, you will be.

  • Just like old times. J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci hint that the next Star Trek movie will deal with “modern-day issues.”
  • It’s never too soon for a reboot! Or a prequel. Yes, X-Men: First Class may be next on the Marvel X-Movie slate. Of course, the Fantastic Four are actually getting a reboot, nevermind that they just made two movies. Nobody runs your iconic properties into the ground like Hollywood!
  • Twilight. New Moon actually has enough of a plot for it to be given away entirely in the trailer? Kristen Stewart actually attempts to act? Dakota Fanning is in it! Wow, my standards are low for this one…
  • Randomly. Nostalgia Chick takes on Armageddon.

Vulcan to get Trek pre-release screening, Red Dwarf, Terminator Salvation and more…

As the geek world turns:

Drive-by movie news: Capt. America, Star Trek, Potter, Wonder Woman, Magneto, Temeraire

ILM vet to direct Captain America movie. Marvel has signed Joe Johnston (Hidalgo, The Rocketeer) to helm The First Avenger: Captain America. Johnston got his start as an effects illustrator and designer on Star Wars, and also worked on ESB, ROTJ, Raiders, Temple of Doom, Willow, and Young Indy.

Movie News: Narnia, DBZ, remakes, Shia, X-Files

IMAGE: Narnia

Movie News: Indy IV, Wolverine, X-Files

Gambit in Wolverine!

IMAGE: So, wait, if Kol is Wolverine, than is Cade... No. Can't be. But now we know who he stole the coat from.It’s great that they might finally bring Gambit into the X-Men movieverse (or so Superhero Hype reports) but what does he have to do with Wolverine? I mean, I realize I only read X-Men comics for a year or two back in the 90’s, but the two never struck me as having much of a connection. Are they swapping Gambit in for a less popular character, ala Rogue for Jubilee in the first X-movie?

And, sorry Josh Holloway fans, but they’re also saying that Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights has been cast. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be too much of a disappointment for the lusting fangirls. Assuming they can tear their eyes from Hugh Jackman, anyway.

ETA: Variety reports that Kitsch is in and indeed playing Gambit. Ryan Reynolds and also join the cast as Deadpool and John Wraith.