Star Wars: Uncut is up for an Emmy!

Casey Pugh’s brainchild of collaborative fandom love is up against against network-producted fare for Glee and Dexter for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – Fiction. Big congratulations to Casey and all who participated!

The Emmys are rarely a big deal for genre shows, but Lost is one of the few that have gotten plenty of love – and that adds up to twelve nominations for their final season, including Outstanding Drama Series. (Along with True Blood.) Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell are all up for acting.

Robot Chicken got two nominations, one for their ‘Full-Assed Christmas Special’ and another for Seth Green’s voiceovers.

As for the other genre nods, Ian McKellen got one for being the only part of The Prisoner remake that anyone liked, while Caprica, Stargate Universe, and V will duke it out with original flavor CSI for special effects.

Sci-fi world this-and-that…

All the news that’s flashed before my eyes:
Supergirl and Wash are being cast on the miniseries remake of V, reports io9. I think they mean Laura Vandervoort, of Smallville, and Alan Tudyk of Firefly. They’ll be joining Firefly‘s Inara Baccarin, and Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell. They’ll have the whole set if they can also nab any of the Star Trek alumni who also were on Heroes and any Farscape/Stargate cast member.

Speaking of Star Trek, the new movie’s executive producer, Damon Lindelof, told MTV that despite some TNG characters appearing in the movie’s official lead-in comic, there aren’t any cameos of the TNG main cast in the film, which will be 2 hours long.

With the Red Dwarf special only a few weeks away, Chris Barrie talks about Carbug in this exclusive video.

And Seven magazine takes a fresh look at the debate: Star Wars vs Star Trek: Revenge of the Sith and the Trek reboot.

Gate Geek – Newsbits

Well, look who’s been a bit lazy!  So what’s been happening around the Gate, lately?