TV Crunch Time

So many genre offerings this year, so little audience to go around. How are things going?

In the happy news category, Chuck has gotten the order for a full season. And Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is gearing up by asking for fan-made posters. And now that series 1 of Torchwood is wrapping up, the teasing begins with all the cool guest stars for series 2 (i.e., James Marsters).

In the sad news category, Journeyman appears about to leap into the Land of Cancellation. He apparently won’t be terribly lonely as Bionic Woman is about to join him. And even though all of this is speculation, at the very least, Katee Sackhoff hasn’t exactly given it much enthusiastic support on the con circuit.

“There will be sex and swearing” on Doctor Who spin-off


The BBC confirms there will be a Dr Who spin-off aimed at an adult audience. “Torchwood (an anagram of Doctor Who) will feature Captain Jack.

IMDB says:

An adult spin-off of Doctor Who which contains sex and bad language is set to shock fans of the classic family TV show… Torchwood is to be written by Doctor Who scriptwriter Russell T. Davies and will star that program’s John Barrowman.

It follows a team investigating crime and alien activities in contemporary Britain. Davies says, “Torchwood will be a dark, clever, wild, sexy, British crime/sci-fi paranoid thriller cop show with a sense of humor.”

BBC3 boss Stuart Murphy adds, “The people have affairs with one another. There will be sex and swearing, I assume. I’m quite relaxed about that.”