Out this week: Riptide, The People vs. George Lucas and Crimson Empire III

We’ve got quite the variety of things coming out this week. First up, on Tuesday, is the latest from Paul S. Kemp, Riptide. He regards it as his best Star Wars novel, and shares a bit more with Suvudu.

Also being released tomorrow is the DVD of the fan documentary The People vs. George Lucas, which should be an interesting watch.

And finally, Wednesday brings the long-awaited Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #1. Have at it, fanboys.

I hate you, George! (I love you, George!)

A couple years back, there was Star Wars on Trial, a great collection of essays arguing about whether or not George did right by us.  Now there’s a documentary doing the same thing premiering at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, next month.

The People vs George Lucas strives to figure out whether or not George is the devil disguised in all his evil marketing glory or the Great Flanneled Creator of all things good.

They interview the grand and the not-so-grand, alike.  And just a wee bit of silliness thrown in.  If nothing else, it will serve to stoke the fires of fanboy debate for a while.  And that’s always fun. (via)