Got Sunflower Seeds?

As has become tradition with nearly every show that has faced cancellation (except for maybe Cavemen), fans are trying to organize to save The 4400. This time, the food of choice is the sunflower seed.

Sunflower seed producers rejoice. USA Networks decides to organize an impromptu picnic.

Those wishing to join the insanity, see more information on their portal.

TV Round-Up

Dang. What am I going to watch over the summer, now?

USA Network has decided not to renew either The 4400 or The Dead Zone. You don’t suppose they’d be willing to do a movie to, oh, wrap up the cliffhangers, do you? ::sigh::

Oddly enough for a show that seems to be universally criticized, Bionic Woman is still alive and kicking. (For now.)

Those awaiting the return of Lost (which is so going to benefit from the lack of new programming) can catch a bit of spoilery video from E!’s Watch with Kristin.

Time to take a stand

The new season of The 4400 starts next week. To get you back in the mood, USA has put up websites that are Pro-Promicin and Anti-Promicin.

If you can’t decide where you stand (or, let’s face it, if it’s been too long for you to remember where you stand), then there’s a nice summary site to help you along.

I don’t know. If I could develop the ability to predict the Lottery, it might be worth taking the Promicin!