Luke’s saber, Indy’s fedora up for auction

It’s time for another Profiles in History auction! As always, they have plenty of neat movie props and memorabilia, and while it’s probably beyond most of our budgets, at least we can browse!

The Star Wars items start with Lot #345 and include Luke’s blue lightsaber, a piece of the Death Star, C-3PO’s hands and several Vader Project helmets! There’s plenty of Indiana Jones items as well, including a Temple of Doom fedora.

Indiana Jones poster retrospective

Helping to celebrate the release of the official teaser poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (see previous entry), has a neat article looking at Indiana Jones posters from the previous adventures, covering the globe with posters from Poland, Australia, Belgium, and even Disneyland. Read the article by Pete Vilmur. The hatless, jacketless Indy poster looks more like a Bond flick poster!