Drive-by movie news: Kilted men pandering soon to a theatre near you

fanboys posterLadies and gentlemen, the Fanboys movie poster. Mmm… derivative! And not in the good way.

Saving Superman

There is injustice in this world.  Most notably, there is the total state of disrepair of the house where Superman was created.  So it is that a charity is born:  The Siegel and Shuster Society.

Not only do they hope to raise funds to revive the home, but they also hope to become a group that encourages random acts of kindness.

So if you can’t scrape up enough dough to help restore the home, you can make Superman proud by doing something kind today.

Up, up and away!

Movie News: Pixar, Batman, Trek

Today’s biggie: a new trailer for Pixar’s Wall-E. Sorry Artoo – there’s a new adorable robot in town.


Movies: Remakes, superheroes and trailers

Forget the Potterdammrung: Footloose and Bill and Ted remakes? This can’t end well.




Movie news grab bag

I can’t keep up with all this Indy news, and no Jaders are volunteering. You should try the Unofficial Indiana Jones Movie Blog.


Movie News: Indy, Batman, Supes, Drew

Sean Connery ‘considering’ Indy IV. Speaking of sorta maybe Indy stuff, be warned that Indy rumor-ridden young actor Shia LaBeouf will be hosting this Saturday’s Saturday Night Live. Indiana Jones jokes are likely!

In other rumor news, could Orlando Bloom be considering a role in the sequel to Superman Returns? I’m not feeling it.

Harvey Dent is appearing in The Dark Knight but his alter ego Two-Face is less likely.

And enough about that – I both kind of want to see and yet dread the Nancy Drew movie, but here’s some pictures to get the preteens excited.

And lastly The Voyage of the Dawn Treader may have found a director. Don’t screw it up, Hollywood – it’s my favorite. (Irony!)