Gate Geek – Newsbits

Well, look who’s been a bit lazy!  So what’s been happening around the Gate, lately?

Gate Geek – New cast member gets really excited

Now, everyone giving Stargate Universe a hard time should stop and appreciate the enthusiasm coming into this project (well, if Brian J. Smith is any indication).  The brave man takes his first step into fandom by granting an interview with GateWorld.  He can’t be all bad, though.  He admits to being a “Trekkie.” <sic>

In related news, writer Joseph Mallozzi shares that Robert Carlyle will get to keep that lovely accent for the show.  (Ahh…Scottish accents on Stargate.)

Those still mourning Atlantis and worrying about the fate of her actors will be happy to know that David Hewlett appears to be making progress on his sci-fi comedy Starcrossed first featured in his movie A Dog’s Breakfast.  Keep your fingers crossed it makes it out of Development Hell.  We don’t need any more ghost shows on SciFi.

David Hewlett takes over the geeks

Before you non-Stargate fans start mocking, you might want to take another look at what David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) is up to these days. I think he’s trying to become Joss Whedon, or something, and take over the geeks.

In a long-delayed update to his site, David confirms the following geek-inspired projects in the works:

  • Starcrossed – A comedy series pilot for SciFi that pokes fun at making sci-fi series
  • Design of the Dead – A new film that crosses zombies and home design shows (I know a few CJers who would like this one)
  • Heir of the Dog – A sequel to A Dog’s Breakfast. We’ll see how many more Vancouver-area sci-fi actors he can talk into appearing, this time.

Speaking of A Dog’s Breakfast, there are finally a few international release dates for that one. So check his latest blog to see if your country is there, yet.

For the Gate geeks, he reports that he’s quite happy with how Season 5 looks, so far. Although the battle of the multi-colored scripts rages on. (I forsee a scene in Starcrossed!)

Starcrossed On The Way!

The “sci-fi soap opera” Starcrossed, introduced by Stargate actor David Hewlett in his movie A Dog’s Breakfast, is being eyed by SciFi as a new comedy series.

David announced on his blog that SciFi is reviewing their proposal for a series of mini-webisodes that will help to determine whether or not there’s a market for Starcrossed to become an actual TV series that pokes fun at the process of making a sci-fi show.

I’m sure there is much to mock!