Gaming news: The Old Republic, Soul Calibur IV

The Old Republic: IGN has story details and an interview with art director Jeff Dobson while Tom Nichols of LucasArts tells Eurogamer that Galaxies will continue, and the new MMO may make the jump to consoles.

EU newsbits: TFU demo, comic, Karpyshyn interview

Soul Calibur IV/The Force Unleashed comic illustrated by Tom Hodges

  • Gaming: Gamers can now get their hands on The Force Unleashed demo – an early level of the game that takes place at a TIE Fighter Construction Facility – from either Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.
  • Comic: has an original comic, Visions of the Blade, that ties into both Soul Calibur IV and The Force Unleashed. It’s illustrated by Tom Hodges.
  • Interview: The EUCast has a Cantina Chat with author Drew Karpyshyn.

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Newsbits: Alan Dean Foster, Karen Traviss, Penny Arcade, RPG awards, Sith omnibus

Alan Dean Foster, IAMTW GrandmasterHonors: The International Association of Media Tie-in Writers has named Star Wars vet Alan Dean Foster their second Grandmaster. Foster was the first novelist to tackle the franchise, ghost-writing the novelization of Star Wars as well as (under his own name) the first original novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. He returned to the GFFA in 2002 with The Approaching Storm. (via)

Newbits: The Clone Wars, Insider, Soulcalibur

So a farmboy, a Jedi, and a Cylon walk into a bar…

IMAGE: Episode IV

It’s Friday, April 11th, and that means one thing: A New Hope is airing on Spike tonight at 8/7C. (Okay, two things: a new episode of Battlestar Galactica at 10/9C.)

Gamers will also want to tune back in to Spike at midnight for GameTrailers TV, which will be showing another The Force Unleashed preview (“the world premiere of the duel mode in the Wii”) and SoulCalibur IV game footage of Yoda and Vader. (You can also catch all that at later.)

And don’t forget to vote in our poll on if you’re watching the movies on Spike! It expires Sunday night.