Out this week: Marvel Star Wars ends, Force Collector

We have one novel, one comic and two trade reprints out this week. There’s also one book that actually came out last week that I had misdated – The Secrets of the Jedi by Marc Sumerak. On Tuesday, November 19 we have Kevin Shinick’s Force Collector, a YA novel set around the time of The Force Awakens.

On Wednesday, November 19, Marvel’s Star Wars #75, the last issue until the followup (next month) and the title’s ESB rebirth in January. On the trade front, there’s Age of Resistance: Villains and Star Wars Volume 12.

Luke Skywalker’s ‘Secrets of the Jedi’ coming in November

A new book – or, an “interactive reading experience” – purports to be Luke Skywalker’s history of the Jedi Order. The Secrets of the Jedi, written by Marc Sumerak, is due out in November. It’ll come with “a pop-up holocron, a translator card, a Jedi equipment booklet, and more.” StarWars.com has the preview pages.

The book incorporates information from all three trilogies, plus The Clone Wars, and “beyond.” (Might some Legends material appear? Well… From a certain point of view.)

“One of the greatest challenges with a book like this is to find a way to bring all of the vital information together in a way that feels fresh and new,” Sumerak says. “For this particular project, I think that unique perspective flows naturally from our beloved narrator, Luke Skywalker. Sure, we all know his epic story by heart, but the Luke who is writing this particular tome is a long way from the optimistic farmboy he was when his journey began. Because of that, he’s able to look past the glorified stories of the Jedi of old to find the truth about the Order, no matter how difficult it may be for those reading to hear. So with that in mind, we were able to examine the different aspects of the Jedi Order from an angle that cut through the ancient legends, allowing us to examine why the Jedi needed to exist, why they were destined to end, and whether or not they could — or should — rise again.”

Given the November release date, I wouldn’t expect too much re: The Rise of Skywalker, or even anything extensive on the OT-ST gap beyond what’s on the last page of the preview, but you never know.

Cover and preview pages under the cut.

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