EUbits: February comics, Mad Wars, Sean Williams

Star Wars: Adventures Volume 1: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of KhoryaDark Horse’s February/April solicitations, includes our first look at Star Wars: Adventures Volume 1: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya (the April part of the equation,) as well as Legacy #33, Knights of the Old Republic #38, The Clone Wars #4 and an Emissaries and Assassins omnibus.

  • Bonnie interviews Jonathan Bresman, Senior Editor of MAD Kids, about their upcoming Clone Wars cover. Alas, doesn’t address my burning question of how a kid’s version of Mad magazine is not epically redundant.
  • Radio: Sean Williams will be on ABC Radio National’s The Book Show next Tuesday. That’s Australian ABC, but a podcast version will be posted for the rest of the world.

Expanded Universe newsbits: Sue hints, January comics, Sean Williams, sibling rivalry

Lots of tidbits: Sue Rostoni has continued posting bits and pieces about the new contract on boards and blogs, including the timing of Fate of the Jedi and Blood Oath (apparently Seeley’s cover art has Zekk “in a very manly pose, looking ruggedly handsome.”) Meanwhile, the first FOTJ cover will feature Luke, although no artist names yet, and the manuscript for Shadows of Mindor is 419 pages. And she’s updated her book schedule entry with a few new dates (already reflected in our schedule) and the news that the Reaves/Bonhoff ‘holostar’ novel is set two years before the Battle of Yavin. And today we swing right back to Fate of the Jedi: It “will continue to be a mix of characters.”

Expanded Universe newsbits: Rebel Force, TFU, Gilroy interviewed, KOTOR #33 previewed

Preview The Force Unleashed on

With most of The Force Unleashed tie-ins out today, the official site has posted a bonanza of extras:

IMAGE: The Force Unleashed

Also of interest may be io9’s gallery of TFU concept art.