“Say what again. SAY. WHAT. AGAIN!”

slj.jpgSurprisingly, there’s no Star Wars on QuigSpot’s list of the ten most obnoxiously over-quoted movies, unless one counts the whole ‘Anything with Samuel L. Jackson’ thing.

Now, maybe I hang out with too many geeks, but there are a few movies missing from this list: What about The Princess Bride? Spaceballs? The Big Lebowski? The collected works of Kevin Smith? What overused movie quotes could you live without?

It’s not a quote exactly, but one thing I don’t miss about scavenging for the weekly video posts is getting blasted with the motherbleeping Main Theme every other video. It’s practically an instant back-buttoner for me these days.

Movie News: Marvel, Blade Runner, Batman

AICN claims that Marvel is writing Nick Fury into Iron Man. And guess who they say is taking on the role of the infamously badass superspy?

Okay, seriously: Samuel L. Jackson. Mind, the source is AICN, and the information is unconfirmed, but who better?

You caught me in a transitional period

Mace is one Bad MoFo

Samuel L. Jackson received a special gift when he finished on the ROTS set.

Thrilled Samuel said: “There’s a lot of lore that goes along with Star Wars and I guess because I’ve been known since Pulp Fiction as a bad motherf*****, everybody thought that should be on my lightsaber.”