Movie news: Liam Neeson gods out for Titans remake

At least it's not a neon halo?Zeus was truly a man before his time. Did you see the picture of Liam Neeson all Zeused up for the Clash of the Titans remake in Entertainment Weekly, a few weeks back? (It’s all very Excalibur.) There are a couple more pictures (though no Neeson) over at Empire, where genre up-and-comer Sam Worthington takes the name of Harryhausen in vain. Tisk tisk: Doesn’t anyone teach these kids film history anymore?

The biggest Trek of all. J.J. Abram’s Star Trek has beat its predecessors at the box office, TrekMovie found. Not too shabby for a near-dead franchise.

Aww hell, why not. Bryan Singer is up for a return to the X-Men. If only he’d thought that way before inflicting that tedious Superman flick upon us all.

Something new and exciting! Roland Emmerich on why there wasn’t an Independence Day sequel. Because really, how many chances does one get to painstakingly destroy major monuments and… Oh.

Okay then. Jon Favreau will not be directing The Avengers and Beyonce is not going to play Wonder Woman.

Movie news: Yes, this post contains Sweet Valley High

It could be worse. It could be My Little Pony.Just deal with it, boys. I thought April Fools had come early when I heard that Diablo Cody is adapting the Sweet Valley High series for the big screen. (It is indeed for real. There goes one of my jokes for next year.) Of course, the reaction has been mixed. And we can take solace in the fact that Cody is keeping the series in its proper time period – the 80’s. In any case, it’s only Sweet Valley High, and they’ve never exactly been classic anything.

  • Mark Hamill is not in Zombieland. Because really, once one has spoofed their most famous role in the form of a character called the Cocknocker, everything else in that vein is just kind of downhill.
  • Stephanie Meyer’s other property. Her science fiction novel, The Host, will be adapted by Gattaca’s Andrew Niccol.
  • Remakes rearing their ugly heads. Highlander and He-Man not as dead as we thought. DAMN IT. But at least we can be grateful for one thing:
  • My eyes! My eyes! io9 unearthed some a test shot of Nicolas Cage from the late 90’s Superman movie that never got made, and it’s every bit as awful as you might expect.

Movie News: Pixar, Batman, Trek

Today’s biggie: a new trailer for Pixar’s Wall-E. Sorry Artoo – there’s a new adorable robot in town.


Roll Over, Sir Alec

Sir Alec Guinness did not seem terribly fond of pop culture in his day; bashing the very pop culture icon that gave him a comfortable retirement on more than one occasion.

So imagine his horror if he should look down and discover that his movie Last Holiday is being remade

…starring LL Cool J and Queen Latifah.

Now will be the time we find out if the dead really can come back to haunt.