Out this week

eu-forceguide.jpgOn Tuesday head to the book store for the seventh book of the Legacy of the Force series, Fury by Aaron Allston. Also new to shelves is Ryder Windham’s Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force.

And for you Futurama fans, tomorrow also sees the release of Bender’s Big Score. Buy one for all your friends! (Star Wars connection: Among the obligatory references, Mark Hamill reportedly voices the ‘Chanukah Zombie.’)

Alas, there’s no such bounty for comic fans – Wednesday brings only Knights of the Old Republic #23.

ETA: Fury excerpt at Del Rey’s site.

Out this week

Republic Commando fans are no doubt already salivating over True Colors, the third book of the series, out tomorrow. Hopefully they’re all comic fans as well, seeing as there’s not much noteworthy coming out on Wednesday, merely a Revenge of the Sith photo-comic. (Although it is out early.)

Comic fans looking for some hints at a storyline they don’t already own at least once over can check out the latest Editor Note at DarkHorse.com for some Vector action.

And our book publication schdule has been updated.

Out this week

Today you ought to be able to nab the latest Star Wars Insider from your local bookstore (or, hopefully, mailbox.)

Wednesday brings Dark Times #6, Knights of the Old Republic #21 and a Boba Fett anniversary hardcover. Also due on the comic racks is Neozoic #1 from Red 5, written by someone you might recognize.

And one release from last week that I missed: Mad about Star Wars. John over at SF Signal was not impressed, but you simply can’t overestimate the value of nostalgia (not to mention the completest collectors) in this fandom.

Out this week

With a gun!Comic fans will only see one new release this week: Dark Times #5. Yay?

As for other releases, the whole Colbert showdown with A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy is rather confused by Amazon saying the book comes out next week. Not that Amazon is a paragon of reliability. Of course, they’re also saying October 15th – a Monday. Go figure. It’s in the most recent B&N email with a 28% off coupon, though. (If you’re a member.)

There have been some rumblings that copies of The Star Wars Vault (translated versions?) have been found in Europe, but Amazon is giving a U.S. release date of October 30th. So go ahead and look for it… just not too hard.