The fandom minute: TPM documentry, PT defense, AT-STs in the park, plus cake

gffa-docContinuing adventures in TPM nostalgia. Everyone’s talking about the documentary A Galaxy Far Far Away, which has a 10th anniversary edition out. (Hey, it was news to me!) The reviews are not all so good, though.

And on that note… Somewhere on the internet, someone is always defending the prequels.

Pro art: Colleen Doran shares the original sketch for her Anakin/Padme card from the Galaxy 4 set.

Gathering: A Geekdad spotted a Star Wars event in in London, Ontario a few weeks back.

There must be cake. Perhaps the most amazing AT-AT cake you’ve ever seen.

Fun fact: Darth Vader’s reveal to Luke is the most misquoted phrase in film.

What? I can’t believe GalacticBinder found even one, let alone ten Star Wars surfing crossovers.

Great Star Wars quotes and why we love them

One problem with this fandom is that we tend to quote each other out – literally. There’s only so many times a fanboy can quote a line before it starts to lose all meaning. But Movie Moron, bless their hearts, has compiled a list of the top ten Star Wars quotes – and why they’re great. I don’t always agree, but it’s nice to see a list that’s not just a list for the sake of a list. Right?

“Say what again. SAY. WHAT. AGAIN!”

slj.jpgSurprisingly, there’s no Star Wars on QuigSpot’s list of the ten most obnoxiously over-quoted movies, unless one counts the whole ‘Anything with Samuel L. Jackson’ thing.

Now, maybe I hang out with too many geeks, but there are a few movies missing from this list: What about The Princess Bride? Spaceballs? The Big Lebowski? The collected works of Kevin Smith? What overused movie quotes could you live without?

It’s not a quote exactly, but one thing I don’t miss about scavenging for the weekly video posts is getting blasted with the motherbleeping Main Theme every other video. It’s practically an instant back-buttoner for me these days.

While we were drinking…

Here’s some of what’s been going on in the outside world.

Revenge of the Sith won two DVD awards. Also on the official site, November 2006 Comics.

Speaking of comics, don’t bother looking for Legacy #3 in stores. It was supposed to come out today (the schedule even said so until this morning) but it’s… not. Word on the boards is that last week’s books didn’t ship either. (I don’t know: I only buy Legacy.) Dark Horse isn’t the only one: Something is rotten in the comics industry.

“May the force be with you” tops online quote poll. And I don’t think TFN linked the poll, which means it might actually have won fair and square. Cool.

Some new Star Wars miniatures debuted at GenCon. The set includes a “Mystral” Shadow Guard, but unless they came with booze and/or naked men, I don’t think any of us noticed. Also, it seems they’re restarting the RPG.

Colleen Doran witnesses The Fan From Hell. I think we’ve found one that beats the Woodtick, folks.

Those damn Harry Potter plagiarists made it all the way up the fannish blog chain to John Scalzi. Twice.

Other stuff I would have blogged:
NASA has misplaced the original moon landing tapes. Our tax dollars at work!
Daniel Radcliffe is down with Harry Potter dying.
Crazy mofo has “temporary” Wolverine piercing. My hand hurts just looking at it.
Hayden Christensen making some movie.
Things writers have no control over. (Add to the list: Killing Chewbacca.)
The Top 8 Shows For SF Myth Busters.
11 Things in Fantasy/That I Don’t Promise Not to Use (or Keep Using) in My Writing and 6 More Things I Could do Without in Fantastic Literature & I don’t plan to use except to make fun of.

JadeCon Quotes 2006 (Up to now, at least)

Here are a selection of memorable quotes, so far. You can use your imagination to figure out what we were talking about.

Or not.

(Thanks to Aaron for capturing most of these.)

  • “SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!” – Aaron
  • “Eat shit, Jessica, it’s CARROTS!” – Many people (this one is a popular one)
  • “You have grasped enough of my gist” – Diane
  • “The nub of your chest?” – Blu
  • “I know, but….Poop!” – Blu
  • “I’m going to beat you with naked Barbies.” – Roxanne
  • “My boobs do not need powdering, people.” – Dunc
  • “Are they bag hickeys?” – Elizabeth D.
  • “Ignore us now, beyotch.” – Beth
  • “It’s like a periodic table of the feedback whores.” – Aaron
  • “Why is the squirrel humping Jack Sparrow?” – Blu
  • “There’ll be two floats , one with f*ing Ewoks — they’re not f*ing.” – Mary
  • “Yav has totally out-dorked herself.” – Blu
  • “What does Mara Jade use to keep warm?” – Rogue
    “Luke Skywalker?” – Ruby
  • “I’m going to get Aaron’s tool.” – Sam

More to come as soon as more alcohol gets served….