Project Runway: Final Challenge!

Project Runway: Challenge 3

Okay, okay- it’s been a week and I know everyone (who wasn’t at JadeCon) is just dying to know who won Club Jade’s Project Runway!

The third challenge involved a mystery- the teams drew a planet to which their boyz were assigned a mission. The additional challenge was that the audience had to be able to guess what planet the boy was heading for.

The teams were then given a pile of fabric to choose from. The chaos reminded me of the footage shown for bridal gown sales. A few minutes later the teams had their fabrics (or in case of Team Bitca, their minimal materials) and the race was on.

Saturday night was our final runway show. A special thanks to Caitlin as our Heidi for wonderful hosting during all the events! The teams worked hard throughout the day to dress their boyz for the mission. The judges were amazed yet again with the level of determination and dedication to the competition!

I now proudly present the results for Project Runway: Challenge 3!

  • Team My Master Made Me Do It won Best Movie Recreation for their Dagobah entry. There is a R2-D2 in Luke’s backpack recovered from the piƱata the picnic. For someone who was forced into participating, Steph did a wonderful job!
  • Team Have Gunn Will Travail won Most Innovative Use of Materials for their Tatooine entry. Yes, that is Yoda in a Slave Leia outfit. The bra was made from foil from the wine tasting earlier in the day.
  • Team Sprockets won Best Workmanship for their Hoth entry! The level of detail was incredible and the judges were very impressed by the cloak. While the judges questioned the use of chaps on the frozen planet of Hoth, Team Sprockets explained that Mace was hot enough on his own. Point taken.
  • Team Quilt won for Best Use of Plaid and a Special Award in Prop Construction for their Kamino entry! Judges were impressed with the Burberry-look raingear and especially the creation of the umbrella. Maybe if Obi-Wan had been so stylish and prepared the first time he met with Jango…
  • Team Bitca won the Jessa’s Go-Go Dancer or the Victoria’s Not-So-Secret Award for their Coruscant entry. The judges appreciated their steadfastness to their minimalist aesthetic but did question if this design would cause additional problems for the mission. Interestingly, the audience guessed the correct planet at first sight. What does this say for the center of government in the GFFA?

Our final two teams tied for the win of Project Runway Challenge Three:

  • Team We Did What? tied with their entry for a mission to the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk. The judges were impressed by the detail, the fringing, the bandolier, the layers, and how well it would work on Kashyyyk.
  • Team Not Quitting Our Day Jobs also tied with their entry for a mission to Mustafar. The judges were impressed with their innovative use of fleece rubber ducky material to simulate flames, including the flame logo on the reverse side of the jacket. This Obi-Wan wouldn’t need the advantage of higher ground if he was wearing this exciting outfit!

The overall winner of Project Runway was…. Everyone!

Yes, the judges could not come to a decision as to which team should be declared the overall winner as they were just so impressed by all of the entries. Call it what you want, but this means they can all be included in a calendar, to be published in time for 2009.

Thank you to all the teams for participating and really making this such a great event. We look forward to the next season of Club Jade Project Runway!

[Editor’s Note: Come back late Monday for a poll on which CJPR team is your favorite!]

Project Runway: Challenge one and two results!

Project Runway @ JadeCon: Challenge 1 results

As part of the festivities of JadeCon 2008, a new competition was created based on the popular Project Runway series on Bravo. As long time followers of Club Jade know, our members (or at least most of us) have held a special place in their hearts for the 12” vinyl collectible dolls, known lovingly as “The Boyz”. Our Jedi and Sith have traveled around the Earth with our members and sported many, many different looks over the years.

Love of the Boyz, a lack of off-the-rack clothing for them, and a TV show have lead to Club Jade Project Runway. There are three challenges to determine the winner with judging based on creativity, presentation, and consistency with the theme. In addition, comments on this post will be taken into consideration by the judges as well for the overall winner!

Lots of lovely pictures of our models during the competition are available here.

Challenge One: Issued at Games Night on Thursday, our designers were told by our own Heidi to design an outfit for the boyz to wear on a “Date with a Diva” based on the materials provided to their team. Designs were due at the picnic on Friday.

  • Team Quilt won the first overall competition with their impressive design and workmanship.
  • Team We’re Keeping Our Day Jobs won for Achievement in Haberdashery.
  • Team We Did What? won for Best Presentation.
  • Team Sprockets won for Achievement in Pleating and Stitching.
  • Team Have Gunn Will Travail won for Achievement in Tight Pants and Sleeves.
  • Team Bitca won the Fredericks of Hollywood Award.
  • Team My Master Made Me Do This won the Special Award for Utilizing Time During a Gaming Session and Special Achievement for Color Coordination.

So far the judges are very impressed with all the entries and looked forward to seeing the results of the Second Challenge. Announced at the end of the first round judging, the second challenge was to fabricate new Jedi Robes/uniforms for the Boyz using duct tape. The tape was provided to the team members in a variety of colors.

Project Runway @ JadeCon: Challenge 2 results

The results were again dazzling! Challenge Two:

Challenge Three was assigned late last night and the teams raced and fought each other for coveted fabrics. The teams were challenged to attire their Boyz for a mission to a planet which was chosen at random. The audience will be charged with determining which planet the Boyz are heading off to next and their success will influence the judge’s decisions.

If you have made it this far – please review our winners and feel free to comment! Your comments will be taken into consideration for the Overall Project Runway winner for JadeCon 2008!

We’ll post the final results tomorrow for everyone following along at home.