Movie news: Potter, Trek, Narnia, rumors

Jim Broadbent reveals that he’ll play Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. He’s everywhere! (He also talks about his Indiana Jones role at the link.) In other casting news, looks like Zoe Saldana will be playing Uhura in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek.

In other news…

Rumor mill

Neil Gaiman and the demigods of geekdom

Stardust may not be out yet, but it’s certainly getting its share of hype. It’s currently getting a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (from only five reviews, granted) but Neil Gaiman is everywhere.

Really, there ought to be a band

Videos du jour

Movie News: Marvel, Blade Runner, Batman

AICN claims that Marvel is writing Nick Fury into Iron Man. And guess who they say is taking on the role of the infamously badass superspy?

Okay, seriously: Samuel L. Jackson. Mind, the source is AICN, and the information is unconfirmed, but who better?

You caught me in a transitional period

Video Monday

Calls for Cthulhu! This is the best video ever. At least for today. (via SF Signal, which links to more!)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End clips. I love his pies. (Thanks, Yav!)

Your Lightsaber and You has been around a while – there’s even a sequel – but I hadn’t run across it until recently.

We can have a good time, can’t we?