Dawn of the Dead Poet’s Society

Worth1000.com’s Mate a Movie Photoshop contest is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. There’s a few duds, of course, but it’s hard to beat “Raylien,” “Freaky Friday the 13th,” “Dirty Harry Potter,” and “House of Flying Robots.” Perhaps the geekiest offering is “Office Space Balls,” narrowly beating out “Saving the Life of Brian.” (Via Posterwire)

Opening Day* Fun Stuff

NPR has been doing a series on Star Wars and George Lucas all week. (Via Carbongeek.)

Literary fantasy and sci-fi talk show the Dragon Page has a cover-to-cover podcast with Matthew Stover. (Via Sci-Fi Ranter Girl.)

Droids, droids, everywhere: R2 builders on the cover of Make magazine; Italian bot that recognizes, runs away from lightsabers and humans with lightsabers.

Hilarious Star Wars photoshop contest.

For more hilarity, SF Signal reproduces the Top 10 Star Wars Spoofs list from an old edition of SFX magazine. Mmm… parody.

* Technically may have nothing to do with opening day.