Marc Ecko gets more press

This time it’s the New York Times, checking out his new store in Chelsea. A brief paragraph addresses the Star Wars line:

He is also obsessed with “Star Wars” and somehow wrangled a licensing deal with the franchise. A white T-shirt has a storm trooper head rendered beautifully in little appliquéd crystals, while a likeness of Yoda in green dots on a brown T-shirt looks warty and nauseating. Mr. Ecko lovingly explains his fetish in a long paragraph printed on the back inside collar: “It’s no secret I am a fan of all things Star Wars,” it reads. “Just when I am getting pop culture fatigue, I watch Star Wars.”

In other merchandise news, features another line of t-shirts and a new Sideshow farmboy Luke.

The catchup: Friday morning reading list

Bling bling!George Lucas still is still raking in the cash – He’s #1 on Forbes’ list of the Biggest Celebrity Paydays of 2007 for Hasbro’s $200 million stock buy back.


Star Wars roundup: I want them alive!

It pales in comparison to the news of the week, but Mark Hamill is one of Times Online’s 33 funniest Simpson’s cameos for Mayored to the Mob, the episode that features the classic ‘Luke be a Jedi Tonight’ The only clip I can find of it on Youtube is mostly dubbed in Spanish. Except for the song. Okay!

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That’s no moon! It’s a Star Wars roundup!

Rick McCallum received an award at the European Digital Cinema and HDTV conference in Spain, and, according to the guy who wrote TFN showed a preview of 3-D Star Wars to the crowd.

Meanwhile, Lightsabre posted the second part of their McCallum interview, including some interesting insights on George and the prequels.

Busy day in these parts