The GFFA’s most dangerous weapons, sort of

Pablo Hidalgo takes checks off ten fantabulous Star Wars Superweapons from the laughable (Darksaber!) to the completely ridiculous (The Tarkin: just like Darksaber, but more than a decade earlier!) you’re sure to learn something. For one, in the Centerpoint Station entry:

Just one quibble: Wedge Antilles is Corellian and grew up in the Corellian system, which is home to this bizarre space station that is 350 kilometers in diameter. So why is he the guy who exclaims “look at the size of that thing” when the comparatively small Death Star comes into view?

And that’s why you should never take the EU too seriously, kids!

The Gun of Command? :::cough, cough, sputter sputter:::

“I just want to be worthy of the Jedi Master that I love.”

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