“We can dream, can’t we?” Imagining our fantasy Zahn novel on Twitter

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about what’s wrong with the EU. That’s nothing new, but there’s only so much one can really take before you start wondering about alternatives instead of just pointless ranting. Luckily, a few of us on Twitter tonight have had… Some ideas. Well, one idea.

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The fandom minute: Bad fashion, Kanye, audio, and lists

Oh, Kristen Wiig. No. Will it blend? Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig wore a Darth Vader meets Kiss of the Spider Woman dress to the Emmys. Sorry, Bonnie: I’m pretty sure she full deserves that D. But at least we get blog content out of it.

IMMA LET YOU FINISH. Congratulations, it’s a week-old meme in Star Wars form!

Talkies. If you’re in the mood for some old school audio drama, Star Wars en Direct’s Dany Pépin is starting some aural fan fiction, ‘In the Shadows,’ next month.

Lists of dubious (and not-so-dubious) honors. Luke is #1 on Spike’s list of the top ten white trash heroes of cinema, while Lando is one of io9’s ten most corrupt mayors in science fiction. Uh, thanks? I guess. On an entirely different note, A New Hope tops Paste’s ten most iconic opening scenes. (via)

The fandom minute: Star Wars weddings, Faison geeks out, sneakers and crime

Do you take this fan… Two Star Wars weddings made it on the internet this week! The first, in the UK, featuring a full party of costumed guests. The second, in the Philippines, features a stormtrooper-inspired gown, at right… And lightsabers. Naturally.

The fandom minute: What man wouldn’t want to smell like Lando?

A night for lists

IMAGE: LandoEntertainment Weekly celebrates sexy aliens, with our own Lando Calrissian clocking it at at #4. (Yes ladies, a fair amount of menfolk make the list, which is nice.) Slightly less innocent is New York Magazine’s ten movie vaginas even scarier than the one in Teeth, which ‘graciously’ includes the Sarlacc pit at #1. Whoo. (Our Google referrals are sure to get even weirder now.)

Meanwhile, for the folks not in the mood to oogle or wince, take a gander at Deputydog’s ten stunning ultra-geeky home cinemas. While many of the home theaters profiled are familiar, there’s plenty of brand-new ones to discover (or rediscover.)