TV News? A Jedi craves not these things

‘Tis the season for fun TV announcements. Is it the fall season yet?

Ripper has supposedly passed one more small hurdle towards becoming reality
Kevin Smith attempts to cover all branches of geekdom by directing an episode of Battlestar Galactica, an episode of Heroes: Origins, and the pilot for Reaper. Does the man ever sleep?
David Tennant is staying with Dr. Who
– Genre actors get some props as scene-stealers
– And “Watch With Kristin” gets a sneak peek at some of the folks passing through the island on Lost

Neil Gaiman and the demigods of geekdom

Stardust may not be out yet, but it’s certainly getting its share of hype. It’s currently getting a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (from only five reviews, granted) but Neil Gaiman is everywhere.

Really, there ought to be a band

Videos du jour

Video Monday

Ryan vs Dorkman 2. Always two there are… an internet phenomenon and a sequel. The first one stood as the crème de la crème of the copious ‘fanboys with lightsabers’ genre, and this new one is pretty good, too. It even has funny, but does get a tad graphic (for Star Wars) towards the end.

Video Monday: What’s a Nubian?

The highlight of this week’s Youtube adventure was the entire Kevin Smith hosted episode of Party for Five, featuring Jason Lee, Stan Lee, Mark Hamill and JJ Abrams: part I, part II, part III. Part II is where the Star Wars stuff is: Hamill also talks about his Batman voice work in the third. I suggest watching the whole thing, though.

I love Kevin Smith movies, but this scene is the only part of Chasing Amy you’ll ever need to see. And I still haven’t seen Clerks 2, but here’s the Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings scene (with Marshall from Alias!) And, what the hell – I know you want to see Cocknocker. Or just go for the digest version. If you need me to tell you that none of these clips should be watched in mundane public due to language, please turn in your geek card.

Bunch of savages in this town

Why does Kevin Smith want to release Clerks 2 unrated? Language, of course:

“I’ve never been a nudity dude,” Smith insisted. “We did nudity once, in ‘Mallrats,’ and it was just such an uncomfortable thing to shoot. Anybody can get somebody to take their clothes off. ‘Clerks’ was a movie that the MPAA gave an NC-17 for language and content alone. This movie ups the ante by a hundred-fold, and there’s just no way it gets an R.”