Finally: The Clone Wars book announcement

With a month and a day to the first street date, LucasBooks and Del Rey have issued the press release, and now we know that five novels are coming! Karen Traviss and Karen Miller are the only authors named: no word on who, if anyone, will be joining them, or if the books are actual novelizations or side-stories… Though the plot description sounds familiar enough. In any case, we’re certain to get a lot more background on the Clone Wars.

Expanded Universe newsbits

Sue Rostoni has ‘no comment’ on mystery books: Idle speculation on the new contract

Not the most surprising comment in the world, but hey, at least it’s something:

I can’t comment on this yet because the contract (a different one than the “main” contract) has not yet been signed. And “first announcements” will appear on first, so if you haven’t read it from the main site, I can’t comment on it here.

As for ongoing contract issue that she also addresses, it should be noted that both books are listed as Del Rey releases on Amazon and also appear on (with the Del Rey logo) just like all the currently announced upcoming books. Would LFL pursue a secondary contract with Del Rey if they weren’t planning on renewing the main one? (And for that matter, why is Del Rey adding them to the catalog if the contract isn’t signed? Solicitation requirements?)

We have had dual book contracts before (Del Rey/Bantam in the 90’s) but I’m not really inclined to believe that LFL would go back in that direction.

Another mystery book: ‘Untitled K. Miller 1’

Again found on Amazon: Untitled K. Miller 1. Same price range as the Traviss book… Same temporary title format… Looks like we might we have a series? And given the timing of the release dates, I’m beginning to lean towards the theory that these are indeed Clone Wars tie-ins.

K. Miller is confirmed (sort of) to be Karen Miller, an Australian fantasy author who has also written Stargate SG-1 novels. And now I can’t help but wonder if there’s a third Karen in the mix…