Serenity trailer coming Tuesday

The trailer for “Serenity” will be up Tuesday at the official site.

Joss says:

Now, here’s a word of warning: this trailer ain’t shy. If you’re looking to live totally spoiler-free, know that there’s plenty of key dialogue and images running through this bad boy. It’s pretty tasty, though, and it doesn’t give everything away. But close scrutiny will definitely learn you much of what’s to come. (Anakin TOTALLY goes evil.) It’s a nice piece to while away the time till September, and hopefully should intrigue th’ peeps that don’t have coats of brown.

Anakin’s going evil? That’s not true! That’s impossible! Rumour has it the trailer will be attached to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

Serenity… in September

So much for those tentative plans to see Serenity with fannish buds at Celebration 3… Universal Pictures has moved the release date from April 22nd to September 30th, and Joss Whedon himself posted at fan site Whedonesque with the news.

The delay hasn’t been received very well by the fandom, but I can’t help but think this is a good thing. It avoids the chances of Serenity getting creamed by Episode 3. Secondly, after ROTS is out we’ll need some comfort food. Not because the movie will rock or suck or who-knows-what else, but because it’s the last SW movie ever.

And you know what? We’re still getting a Firefly movie. And that’s the most important reason of all.

Big Damn Heros

Filming started on Joss Whedon’s Serenity a few weeks ago – keep up with the cast and screw via the official on-set weblog. But that’s no even the first set ‘leak’ – cast and crew have been posting all over the fan sites, so there’s an unofficial blog that keeps an eye out. And don’t miss the first set pics.