EUC interviews LucasBooks’ Jennifer Heddle

EUCantina talked to LucasBooks Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle about her job and what’s coming up in the Expanded Universe. She gives some details on Karpyshyn’s The Old Republic: Annihilation, a return for Matt Stover (“a distinct possibility,) the chances of more X-Wing books and a Leia or Padme novel:

There are a couple different plans in the works to focus a bit more on Leia (in both the novels and the comic books). There’s nothing planned for Padme at this time, but never say never.

She also says we’ll get an announcement of what’s coming for post-Fate of the Jedi at San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully that means we’ll be getting further details at Celebration?

Del Rey, Dark Horse and LFL meet to discuss the EU future

Last week, folks from Del Rey and Dark Horse were at Lucasfilm to discuss future Expanded Universe projects. Frank Parisi shared a tease from Del Rey, and new editor Jennifer Heddle tweeted that she’s “Feeling very energized about SW publishing!” There’s also an interview with Heddle at Suvudu, though note it does predate the big meeting.

Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing more news trickling out in the coming months… The cupboard has been pretty bare lately!

Jennifer Heddle is Lucasbook’s new Senior Editor

The new hire in San Francisco is former Simon & Schuster editor Jennifer Heddle. She previously worked with media tie-ins (among other things) at Pocket/Gallery Books. From the Suvudu annoucement:

“I vividly remember buying Heir to the Empire as soon as it was released and to now be a part of that tradition is both an exciting adventure and a serious responsibility,” says Heddle. “And since I’m also a lifelong comic book fan, I’m really getting to explore the best of both worlds.”

Heddle’s main duty will be overseeing the adult fiction program, which works with Del Rey and Dark Horse. These were previously the duties of Executive Editor Sue Rostoni, who retired earlier this year.

By the way… Heddle is on Twitter.