The fandom minute: Sith Fairies and milk stormtroopers

Darth Fairy strikes back. Booturtle created this striking Darth Fairy getup for her daughter to wear to Dragon*Con and for Halloween. It was, not surprisingly, a big hit! Be sure not to miss her Death Star cake, either. (Photo by ConventionFans)

Also in crafts… Make a stormtrooper helmet out of a milk jug. Just the thing for a Star Wars Halloween party. Not that you need the Halloween excuse to throw an awesome Star Wars party.

Original trilogy. Bryan Young has some interesting thoughts on releasing the OT in HD.

Listage. Chewbacca is the #1 sidekick for Hero Complex, while Anakin Skywalker is in suitably annoying company on io9’s list of the most obnoxious superpowered teenagers.

Halloween flashback: Into the LFL archives has an extensive slideshow of costume product images scanned in – hilariously – from old-school photo albums. Never had any of these myself, but remember the style well enough to can almost smell the plastic from those horrible masks… shudder.

For costumes that will actually wow folks in the here and now, check out this homemade AT-ST suit. There’s plenty of time to make your own for next year!