Ford talks Indy 4

Yes again, to the Time Out London’s movie blog.

“Indiana Jones is going to be older,” Ford explained, “And the story will therefore take place in a different historical period of time. We are not going back to World War II and the Nazis but I think that it will be relatively the same type of tale – George’s special mix of Saturday matinee western serial and crypto-spiritual sort of stuff.”

Nothing really breaking, but a little insight into the process.

Meanwhile, TFN (in-between down periods) is reporting that Harrison Ford hates the internet.

But what’s up with the earring?

We’ve been sadly lacking in Harrison Ford coverage, mainly because most of what I’ve seen is stuff panning his new movie, Air Force One in a Bank or whatever it’s called, and I really don’t see anyone but ultra crazy Ford fans going to see that. (And yes, I know you’re out there, but how far does one take ‘genre’ anyway?)

Anyway to make up for the lack, here’s a quote from Ford on why he doesn’t discuss politics in public, along with pictures from the premiere of… erm… Firewall.