Potter time: HBP poster, Deathly Hallows news

The movie posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have finally made it on to the internet — and look pretty damn cool. Is it July 17 yet?

The BBC is reporting that the set where stuntman David Holmes was seriously injured last month has been reopened, two weeks before the filming of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows begins.

Finally, The Deathly Hallows was the most borrowed book from UK libraries last year. 

Angry fans better than no fans at all?

Steve Sansweet gets quoted in a story on the Harry Potter fans miffed at the Half-Blood Prince delay.

Some think the outsized reaction could actually be a boon for the studio. Steve Sansweet, who runs fan relations for George Lucas’s Lucasfilm Ltd., says “Warner Bros. should be delighted. Sure, they have a problem on their hands, but they are also seeing the passion of their fans. The real problem comes when you have fans that don’t give a damn.”

Granted, the quoted Potterheads are certainly on the raging, ranty, please-calm-down end of the spectrum, but Steve has a point. Just, uh, refrain from sticking your hands between the bars.

Dumbledore still gay!

Just in case you were wondering.

One of my two favourite economists found a couple gems today (thanks, Diane!). First, what is the real secret of Harry Potter? And, second, one French philosopher celebrates the release of Harry Potter et les Reliques de la mort there by asking whether Muggles represent the Thatchero-Blairite middle class clawing their way up from the lower middle class to the upper middle class, while Harry is… er, well, I’ll let you read it yourself. Bonus points if you can do it in the original French (and you already have yours, Paula).

In other news, filming of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is popping up all over England. And a certain set of twins were recently spotted sporting identical haircuts and red hair.

Movie News: JLA, Potter, X-Files

movies-biel.jpgJustice League of America script might have leaked. Emphasis on the might, but there are possible spoilers. In slightly more plausible news (it’s from Variety!) Jessica Biel may step into Wonder Woman’s boots. Well, we know she’s kicked ass before, but is she superhero material? I don’t foresee any complaints from the Karrdes.

Meanwhile, in another franchise…