Catching up with The Clone Wars

There’s no new Clone Wars tonight, but there are several tidbits of news.

First off, there’s another Chewbacca video and some finale rumor dispelling (Spoilers? Sort of?) going around.

On Twitter, an actress you might recognize reveals that she’ll be voicing a character… But given the lead time on these things, I’m guessing we probably won’t hear much more until next season.

More imminent is Free Comic Book Day on May 7 and has a preview of Dark Horse’s Savage Opress offering. (Psst, Avatar: The Last Airbender fans… That preview is over here.)

EUbits: Clone Wars coming to Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day. It’s not until May, but we learned today that The Clone Wars will be among the offerings. (Dark Horse will also have an Avatar: The Last Airbender comic.)

Fiction returns to Insider. Paul S. Kemp has turned in a short story destined for the magazine. It stars Darth Malgus of his upcoming Old Republic novel, Deceived, so I expect we’ll be seeing it early in the new year.

Chattage. Del Rey will be holding a Vortex chat with author Troy Denning on their Star Wars Books Facebook next Wednesday.

Interview. Geeks are Sexy interviews Daniel Wallace about The Jedi Path.

Podcasts. The ForceCast has launched a new EU-focused show, Jedi Journals, with RebelScum staffers Chris Wyman and “Jovial” Jay Shepard. I have yet to listen, but am assured that they know their stuff!

New comic day brings comic previews

I just got back from the comic store and just realized that I forgot to pick up Star Wars Adventures. Curses! I guess that’s half the excuse I need to go back for Free Comic Book Day.

But my real point here is that Dark Horse has come through with three – count ’em – three previews: Legacy #36, Knights of the Old Republic #41, and The Clone Wars #6.

And for the Brits, here’s a peek at The Clone Wars UK Comic #5.7.

Out this week: Legacy, Adventures, KOTOR

Legacy #35Lots of booty for comic fans Wednesday with Legacy #35, Star Wars Adventures: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya, and the sixth Knights of the Old Republic collection, Vindication.

And don’t forget that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and you’ll be able to pick up a Clone Wars story, among others. Also, Henry Gilroy, John Jackson Miller, Ramón Pérez, and Matt and Shawn Fillbach are among the Dark Horse folks doing signings.

More on Free Comic Book Day’s Star Wars offering

As announced last December, Dark Horse Comics is releasing Star Wars comics as part of their annual freebie book for Free Comic Book Day, which is on Saturday, May 2, 2009.  A preview of the book is up – and it contains a Kit Fisto story, ‘The Gauntlet of Death‘. The free 28 page comic will also contain stories of Emily the Strange, Usagi Yojimbo and other Dark Horse properties suitable for all ages, and has a flip cover. Dark Horse also had a second freebie book for 2009, with a flip cover, helping to relaunch their Aliens and Predator comic tie-in series – check out the preview.

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 3!

IMAGE: Free Comic Book DayThere’s no better time to visit your local comic book store than Free Comic Book Day, aka this Saturday. Although there are no Star Wars titles this year, there will be miniatures from WOTC.

And it’s as good a time as any to try a Star Wars comic or two – I’d recommend going for trades – the first two Legacy graphic novels are out, and Star Wars Tales is always a good bet. (Yes, you can get them at Borders or B&N, but most comic book stores are independently run and could use the support.) Comic fans, what would you recommend?