Wacky merchandise of the day: Artoo aquarium

ArtooquariumLeaving no niche unmarketed, it’s the R2-D2 aquarium.

R2D2 Aquarium is, in case you’re wondering, far from a tacky affair – though, we’ll admit, it may well sit comfortably on the fence between the especially incredulous and the vaguely surreal – as what’s on offer is a 1¾ gallon tank, an animated dome which will respond to vocal commands (with beeps) and a radar eye that doubles up as a periscope allowing you to spy on your fish as they feed and go about their re-enactments of famous Star Wars scenes before a suitably illustrated cardboard backdrop.

No, I think tacky is the word you’re looking for here. Or maybe “ridiculous” and “unwieldy” – matters of taste aside, I would not want to be the one responsible for cleaning that thing. (via)