Happy 20th anniversary, TeeKay-421!

Congratulations to Belgian Star Wars fan club and site TeeKay-421 upon reaching their twentieth year! You’re now as old as the Star Wars special editions and the Galaxy of Fear books! As one of the longest-running Star Wars fan clubs still around, with their own website, print magazine, and podcast, TeeKay-421 has been a mainstay of great fan content for not only Belgian fans, but Star Wars fans around the world, with several TeeKay staff also being frequent contributors to Star Wars Insider magazine and StarWars.com. Hats off to our friends on their “Twintig Jaar” celebration, being held today in Antwerp. We’d say that in another year, your club will be old enough to drink, but that’s just in America, so bottoms up to Tim, Kevin, Sander and the rest of the gang! Proost!

The fandom minute

In the News: Lucas, Kasdan, fans

George’s stint in the Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race on Saturday ended with a bang – a collision with CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter.

Lawrence Kasdan, who scripted The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, will script a Clash of the Titans remake for Warner Bros. But… how can they remake Clash of the Titans? The crappiness is 90% of its charm!

Meanwhile, Two fan groups on different sides of the country were profiled last week: The Star Wars Association of Pittsburgh and the Dune Sea Garrison in Arizona.