Cunningham gives Blood Oath time period, hints

We may not have an official announcement, but thanks to a post on Elaine Cunningham’s blog we do now have a few more ideas of what to expect from Blood Oath! First off all, it’s post-LOTF, set in the “early days” of the Fate of the Jedi. However:

Blood Oath is a self-contained story, rather than an episode within a larger tale. While both have their place, I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to tell a largely self-contained story.

I wonder if this only the first of several paperback tie-ins to the main series? Shades of the original plan for the NJO, perhaps? Intriguing!

EUC talks to Elaine Cunningham

EU Cantina got hold of author Elaine Cunningham, who confirmed that the book Blood Oath is for real, and a few more hints:

This will be a very different story from DARK JOURNEY. Obviously, I can’t give any details at this point, but I can confirm that it’s a stand-alone book, rather than an episode in a larger story arc.

She also says we might be getting some kind of announcement soon, but don’t hold your breath.