And the rest: Wonder Woman may not have a new TV show, but she does get a makeup line

Her TV show revival may be dead (or is it?) but MAC Cosmetics is releasing a limited edition line of products inspired by Wonder Woman. (Get a closer look at Vampy Varnish – Pending swatches, I might actually spring for the nail polish.) MAC has previously released a Disney Villains collection.

More superheros, less makeup. If you weren’t on the internet yesterday, you might not have heard that Sony released the first picture of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. (If you were on the internet yesterday, I apologize for being the last in a very long line.) Also debuting: Chris Evans in his full Captain America getup.

I have a bad feeling about this… 41,763 people won $150 in cash by playing Hurley’s numbers from Lost in the Mega Millions lottery.

Carlos the Dwarf approves. NBC’s Community – which you really ought to be watching, if you aren’t already – will have a Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode.

What. The most exciting severed hands of all time. Oh, io9.