A brand new StarWars.com

The official site has a new look – “the biggest re-haul since Star Wars’ official online presence began.” It appears the news portion of the site is now driven by the official blog.

Among the changes is a scaled back version of the Databank – now called the Encyclopedia – which now only seem to features characters from the movies and The Clone Wars. (Sigh.) Entries are very brief, and link directly to the Wookieepedia, however. That’s pretty inclusive for an official site.

On that note, there’s also a page for fan sites and organizations – we seem to have made the cut, which is nice.

And no doubt we’ve only scratched the surface tonight… I’ll be interested to see where this goes.

One thing I will say – this site design is very simple, and very basic. Since there is a tendency in Star Wars design to go completely over the top and throw everything that applies, I’m glad to see at least one aspect is keeping it simple. (Even if I still do wince at that Blu-ray cover art.)

EUbits: Complete Vader, draw Clone Wars, Atlas, the complete Purge letters, Bohnhoff, databank, mocking

mcquarrie-vaderNonfiction corner. StarWars.com talks to Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur about The Complete Vader. On a related note, take a peek at Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Death Troopers. Did you catch all the Purge letters? No? Well, here are the direct links: DeathTroopers.com, StarWars.com, Star Wars Action News, NJOE, RebelScum, TheForce.net, and ours.

Podcasts. Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace are on the latest Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib. (Warning: auto-pla.)

Blogsided. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff on the pool of knowledge and Star Wars as part of the vernacular.

Ye Olde Databank. New or expanded entries for Jocasta Nu, Cad Bane, and Cato Parasitti. And hey – Ben Skywalker is in there now. That’s new! Newish. Wait, don’t tell me: They added him with the Backlash cover, didn’t they?

Sweet mockery. Checked in with We Hav to Take a Trip with Jacen Solo lately? Havac is currently working his way through Legacy of the Force.

The Clone Wars: Hot Jedi Parka Action

Friday’s Trespass reunited Obi-Wan and Anakin for some snowy shenanigans with blue people and Talz. Fun, no?

(Hattip to EUC’s Mandy for the post title.)

The Clone Wars: Now with lemurs

The Clone Wars: Jedi Crash

Friday’s ‘Jedi Crash’ brings the Jedi to Maridun, home of a colony of Irish-accented Lurmen. In the video commentary, Dave Filoni talks about the comic book influences in the episode.

Today in The Clone Wars: It must be Friday

The third episode of The Clone Wars, ‘Shadow of Malevolence,’ is on tonight. (We won’t be throwing a poll this time.) UPDATE: Writer Steve Melching talks about it.

  • Watch online: Last week’s episodes, ‘Ambush’ and ‘Rising Malevolence are now up on StarWars.com.
  • Games: Get a peek at the lovely ladies of The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance, the Nightsisters. There’s a trailer at LucasArts.com for those of you enamored of ‘stylus-driven action.’ (Least sexy game term, or least sexy game term ever?)
  • Databank: New entries on Rys, Jek, Thire and Toydarian. (Is that last one new, or just updated?)

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia: Look at the size of that thing!

IMAGE: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Wow. Are they going to do yearly updates, like the World Book? I’m actually expecting some sort of online (Hyperspace?) component/Databank revamp. Watch your back, Wookieepedia!

Whatever the case, Random House currently lists them as hardcover, with a release date as November 4, and the price at $75.

UPDATE: TFN has someone who got a few more details from Del Rey, namely that there will be ” full-color artwork.”