Two new Shattered Empire variant covers spotted

Yakface discovered two variant covers for Marvel’s first entry into Journey to the Force Awakens, Shattered Empire, on eBay this morning. The Palpatine/Vader one is exclusive to Comic Pop Collectibles, while Luke and the Falcon will only be available from Third Eye. We knew there’d be variants – they’ve already revealed one, and Marvel editor Heather Antos tweeted about them last week – but the final number is a mystery. I expect there will be quite a few, though.

Out this week: Darth Vader #3


On Wednesday, head to your local comic store or app to nab Darth Vader #3, which introduces Aphra, “the galaxy’s foremost raider of lost weaponry.” There’s a preview at CBR.

There’s sure to be another new comic next week, but our next book release will be the paperback of John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn on March 31.