Video Monday

The saga continues: Chad Vader Episode 3!

Star Wars Shadow Puppets. Is that the Audio Drama as (part of) the background? (Thanks, Bonnie!)

The Simpsons vs Star Trek. Genius!

Episode I: The Drunken Menace. Anakin’s ‘angel’ line makes a hell of a lot more sense in this context…

The truth about Darth Vader
12 Angry Robots
Death of an Ewok
Filk: Mace on a Plane
May the Fonze be with you. And also with you.
Classic Clip: R2-D2 and C-3PO on Sesame Street.

Things learned from 10 years of JadeCon

  • Don’t light sparklers in a gazebo when it’s raining.
  • Don’t duct-tape decorations to the suite walls.
  • Don’t tell the Darksiders you’re hungry.
  • Don’t put marzipan in Jello.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, substitute tequila for vodka.
  • No matter how much alcohol you’ve had, never let Yav duct tape a padawan braid to your hair.
  • When meeting a fellow Jader for the first time, you can just tell.
  • When Jessa asks for ice, darn it, you shlep the ice. (Karrdes only.)
  • If you see a CJer doing something that you know cannot possibly turn out well… Get a camera.
  • What happens at JadeCon, stays at JadeCon. Unless Dunc blogs it.
  • Invoke the name.
  • It really sucks putting your hands down Hayden’s shirt.
  • It’s always those damn Harry Potter plagiarists’ fault.

Six to go…

Got my tickets for the 12:01 am show next week – they’re playing it in three theaters at my local multiplex. Three! So now I feel like a bit of an idiot for heading straight to the theater after work. But now I’m wondering – should I try to convince my friends to relive our high school days and get there early enough to be at the front of the line? (We did that for the Special Editions… yes, I’m just a youngling, I know.)

First off, another new commercial sporting more of the lovely Palpatine footage that makes us Sith get all giggly and excited… Note to Lucasfilm: Less of Padme. More of Palpy. Sell the evil.

The highlight of today’s articles – Anthony Daniels on what kind of wine to drink while watching Revenge of the Sith.

The BBC looks at why Star Wars still matters. Because, you know, all this media coverage apparently has people wondering. Includes testimonials from fans. Meanwhile, Reuters wonders if its good for cinema.

Would you pay $500 to see ROTS early?

And now for something completely different… a bit on Lucasfilm’s new Presidio headquarters. Pretty!