From the Blogside

There’s a Star Wars Friending Frenzy going on at Livejournal. Go, meet, friend!

Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi takes a look at the A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back novelizations with modern SW continuty in mind.

The Dark Moose dispenses wisdom on fandom and the sterotypes within it.

It’s a Padmé-go-round: Imadra-blue posts some thoughts on Padmé in ROTS; Lazypadawan has her own take on the character, as does Kenobi-fan. Phew.

Fernwithy ponders George’s comments on the end of the blockbuster.

Rynne has some thoughts on the Expanded Universe.

The Infinite Force considers Wikis. I’m not sure I agree, but then I’m secretly an idealist. (Don’t tell!)