Who’s writing The Rise of Skywalker novelization, Zahn has a new Thrawn trilogy and more Star Wars book and comic news out of NYCC

A number of notable fiction announcements came out of today’s Lucasfilm Publishing panel at New York Comic-Con: An author you’ll probably recognize has nabbed the next novelization, Timothy Zahn is writing a new trilogy that will feature Thrawn, and Marvel is indeed relaunching their main Star Wars title to pick up after ESB.

We learned that Rae Carson (Most Wanted) is writing The Rise of Skywalker novelization, which will again come out in the spring. Also coming up from Del Rey: Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed is in June, and there’s going to be a whole-ass Thrawn Ascendancy Trilogy (so: prequels) from Zahn, with the first book due in May.

As for the mysterious Project Luminous… We’ll hear more in January? Okay.

In other book news, George Mann and Grant Griffin will follow up Myths and Legends with Dark Legends, and one of the stories will feature Rebels’ Grand Inquisitor.

Marvel’s relaunch of the main Star Wars title takes us right after The Empire Strikes Back, as expected. What’s maybe NOT expected is that Charles Soule is taking over the writing duties. “Taking Luke Skywalker from here to the confident warrior we see in Return of the Jedi? Yes, please,” Soule tweeted alongside the issue’s first three pages.

Also unexpected… A third launch of the Darth Vader title, this time from writer Greg Pak. It launches in February. Expect more Aphra – somehow – as well.

Marvel also gave us some nice covers for The Rise of Kylo Ren, which includes a variant cover by Jodi Muir, whose fan art you may recognize!

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