And you thought SW fans were crazy…

Quite possibly the freakiest fandom story ever has made it into mainstream media with Hobbits gone wrong, a cover story into Portland’s Willamette Week. It’s an odd story of LOTR ‘charity’ fansites, Sean Astin, a missing person, and a whole lot of waylaid cash.

The article provides a good overview – an more details can be found at fwgreatesthits, an ofshoot of the fandom point-and-laugh community fandom wank.

Wil Wheaton, take me away

Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher, intergalactic intern, on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was hated, he was loved. He went to bootytown. And then Wil grew up, and moved on, and actually has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

He has a weblog. This is strictly old news to most of the internet — he swept the Bloggies in 2002 with a total of 6 awards, including Best Weblog.

What’s new? He has a book: Just a Geek.

And I think it’s okay to appreciate Wesley. Even if it’s only a little.

TV Roundup

J.J. Abram’s new series Lost will have some SF elements. Because a show from the creator of Alias starring a Hobbit wouldn’t have a genre audience otherwise. Hopefully it avoids cancelation, because I’m down to two shows next fall and I NEED TV.

(Don’t ask.)

Smallville’s Lois Lane has been cast.

Forget Shatner – reports now have Brent Spiner (Data) guesting on Enterprise. Fans should also note that Enterprise reruns will be moved to Fridays come August.

The La Femme Nikita second season DVDs have been pulled. Huh?

First Look: New Insider has up a preview of Star Wars Insider #77, the first issue under the new fan club arrangement. The biggest design change so far looks to be a new masthead…

Content includes the top ten OT moments, prequel update, Bantha Tracks, and a story by Timothy Zahn.

It starts shipping to subscribers July 22, and will be in stores August 3rd.