Robin Hobb’s Latest Fantasy

I’ve been rereading Robin Hobb’s Liveship Trilogy to take the sting of my rereading of the NJO. (Seriously, Mr. Salvatore? Show don’t tell.) and on a lark I checked out her web site for some random info… And she’s posted a tiny bit regarding her next trilogy in the FAQ:

I’m working on a new trilogy, with the very tentative working title of Soldier Son. You may have read that the title was going to be Second Son. Actually, that is the title of an excellent work by Jennifer Fallon. I had just read the first book of it, and given it a recommendation, and the title must have been clinging to the edges of my brain cells when I was asked for the title of MY new trilogy. Very sorry for all the confusion! I’m not saying much more about my new work in progress right now, as it is very easy for me to talk an idea to death and then feel like I’ve taken all the fun out of actually writing it.

Google turned up a bit more, including a summary of sorts. Alas, the series doesn’t seem to take place in the same world as the Farseer and Liveship novels, but I’m not going to whine too much.

If you’re a Hobb fan, you can keep up with the news and speculation at this fan board or Fitz is Stupid, a community on Livejournal.

Goodies for that Star Wars fan

The holiday gift-giving season will be here before you know it. Here are some good gift ideas for that Star Wars fan on your list that will also help some good causes.

The Star Wars Chicks are continuing their good work in the battle against breast cancer by selling pins of their rather adorable logo wearing a pink breast cancer ribbon. All proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Also, the marathon-running stormtrooper will be at it again. This time, he’s running the New York City Marathon in full armour. He is raising funds for the Starbright Children’s Foundation by selling t-shirts. But hurry! He’s on a time deadline.

These would make great gifts and benefit some great causes. Since we’re all going to be useless to the world when Episode 3 comes out, why not make up for it by helping it out, now!