Tidbits from those who brought you Star Wars

The production of Guys and Dolls featuring Ewan McGregor has found a home. I see Wantons booking their flights and hotel rooms, now…

Ewan’s trip around the world in Long Way Round has inspired others in the UK to take “gap years.”

Liam Neeson studied hard for his role in Kinsey.

Natalie Portman, fellow Golden Globe nominee with Liam, makes USA Today’s list of the Top 100 People of 2004.

Samuel L. Jackson won a Video Game Award for Best Performance by a Living Male. (I’m sure his wife is proud.)

And George Lucas wins accolades, again, for THX-1138 and the Star Wars Trilogy, as two of the best DVD’s of 2004.

More Liam!…Oh. And Batman, too.

There’s a certain shakiness in the average genre fan’s reactions to the upcoming Batman Begins. You can feel that they want to love it. But there are so many past indiscretions to get through. (Batman and Robin, anyone?)

Well, there’s a whole other reason to watch it, besides the delightful Christian Bale. Star Wars’ own Liam Neeson reprises his role as a Qui-Gon-like mentor to the exploring Bruce Wayne.

Check out this trailer focused almost exclusively on Liam Neeson’s character.

Liam claims his first award of the season

Congratulations to Liam Neeson for getting his first film award of the pre-Oscars season.

The LA Film Critics Association named Liam Neeson Best Actor for his work in Kinsey.

The nominations to awards ratio is a good indicator of who will get the coveted Oscar nominations. Here’s hoping he continues to have good luck!

UPDATE: Liam Neeson has just been nominated for the Golden Globe’s Best Actor, Drama award!

Harry Potter: No News is Good News

JK Rowling has updated her website with a headline about nothing. (Channeling Jerry Seinfeld, maybe?)

However, the nothing is that she hasn’t been updating the website due to her heavy writing schedule. (For all that, though, there are several changes in there.)

Here’s hoping she finishes the next book before her baby arrives!