The New Tales

It is as I have forseen… The official site has posted a preview of one the stories in Tales #21. Now, I’ve been very fatalistic about this issue, because I dearly love teh funneh of the old Tales and ‘continuity’ is a word that has long since come to mean ‘fanboy stuff not worth the headache’ for me, and really, this isn’t helping.

Although I did gain some amusement from the fact that the main character in the preview is channeling Black!Leather!Gambit.

Fly on, Superman!

Christopher Reeve, star of the popular Superman films of the late 70’s/early 80’s, as well as numerous other films, died on Sunday from complications of a wound infection.

Following a riding accident in 1995, Reeve became more known for his work in paralysis research founding the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. However, he still won acclaim in the film world for his directing and acting work following the accident.

Fans of Smallville were particularly fond of his recent work with this generation’s superman as the mysterious Dr. Swann.

Durannies Unite!

Time to dye those blonde bangs, ladies. Duran Duran‘s original lineup is back! Their new album Astronaut goes on sale in the US on Tuesday, October 12th.

But please. Try not to scare all the high schoolers who staff the music stores. They’re not used to women in their 30’s and 40’s acting like teenagers.

Star Wars Book Store Run

Alas, no books to offer you this week. But there are a couple of great items in the magazine rack. (Apologies for those who have seen these. My local stores are a bit slow in putting things out.)

Home Theater Magazine – November 2004 – Features not only a review of the Classic Trilogy DVD, but a not-the-usual interview with Mark Hamill.

Sound&Vision Magazine – October 2004 – This one is worth hunting for, folks. Carrie Fisher interviews George Lucas! Now, they’ve given her technical questions to ask that she, of course, makes sound hilarious. Hear about her efforts to make George a pin-up model. Very funny interview in which you get a George who is a little more relaxed. Mostly discussion about home theaters, but interesting, nonetheless.