One last offering from Hallmark for 2012: Momaw Nadon

Well, this is a random choice: Hallmark is offering a Momaw Nadon (ak Hammerhead) ornament as a limited-quanity offering.

Like the other new Keepsake Ornaments, this will be available in Hallmark stores beginning on July 14. Be sure to get there ASAP if you want Momaw, though: I hear these go fast.

4 Replies to “One last offering from Hallmark for 2012: Momaw Nadon”

  1. I said this on Twitter. I’m glad they’re doing something new (as opposed to some of the rehashing they’ve done, lately), but there are ones I’d want before him.

    Still… you know my butt will be there on the 14th!

  2. I would think they’d do the trooper bonking his head before some one-shot creature from the cantina.

  3. Your best bet to snag this ornament is to hit a Corporate-owned Hallmark store. Hallmark does not allow them to presell or hold the limited ornaments for their customers. The privately-held Hallmark stores will often fill preorders for the limiteds before stocking the shelves and sometimes have none left when they are supposed to be available.

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